Carlton Dry shows unexpected side in new 'Hello Beer' outdoor via Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

FOS3954_8.7x4.7_CD_hello_Beer_Mark2_Toast_V01.jpgCarlton Dry has launched a new national outdoor campaign that is another chapter in the 'Hello Beer' story created by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne.

It explores some of the possibilities that come about when people open the portal to the unexpected and random.
FOS3954_8.7x4.7_CD_hello_Beer_Mark2_Snorkle_V01.jpgSays Ant Keogh, executive creative director at Clemenger BBDO Melbourne: "Clemenger BBDO Melbourne collaborated with photographers from around the country to capture the things that can happen when the boys get together for a beer,"

FOS3954_8.7x4.7_CD_hello_Beer_Mark2_Peg_V01.jpgThe results include- making a toastie jacket, swimming in kitchen wipes and creating a beard made of pegs.
Sys Andy Meldrum, general manager for marketing Carlton Dry: "Ever decided to make a jacket out of toast? Perhaps you thought a beard made from laundry FOS3954_612.5x920_CD_hello_Beer_Mark2_Citylight_Toast_V01.jpgpegs would complete your look? No? Me neither. Luckily though, the photographers we worked with on this project did. The ads are random, hopefully funny and frankly kind of ridiculous... but that's what Carlton Dry has always been about, and our drinkers seem to like it."
Carlton Dry is Australia's fastest selling beer (absolute volume and value growth) and the number one selling beer in Western Australia (based on Nielsen scantrack data. MAT to 31/10/12). As well as the new outdoor campaign, Carlton Dry will be celebrating summer with a presence at the country's top music festivals including Stereosonic, Southbound, Soundwave, Big Day FOS3954_612.5x920_CD_hello_Beer_Mark2_Citylight_Peg_V01.jpgOut and Future Music Festival.
Clemenger BBDO
Creative Chairman: James McGrath
ECD: Ant Keogh
Art Director: Nic Buckingham
Copywriter: Nick Kelly
Photographer: Sean Fennessey (Snorkel); Billiejeanisnotmylover (Peg Beard); Neil Bailey (Toast)
Producer: Mary Darzi
Managing Partner: Paul McMillan
Client Service Director: Simon Lamplough
Account Director: Andrew Fraser
Senior Account Manager: Nick Darrigan
Planning Director: Mike Derepas
Planner: Sam Mackisack

Carlton & United Breweries
Chief Marketing Officer: Andy Gibson
General Manager of Marketing: Andrew Meldrum
Senior Brand Manager: Mick McKeown
Assistant Brand Manager: Rob Elder
Assistant Brand Manager: Veronica Wall

Media Agency: Mediacom
Director - Client Communication Planning: Roger Lintzeris
Assistant - Client Communication Planning: Renee Strange


Power Drunk said:

'It explores some of the possibilities that come about when people open the portal to the unexpected and random'.

Should read;
'It explores some of the possibilities that come about when people are pissed'.

So said:'s about the dumb stuff you do when you're pissed. Nice.

Snap said:

These feel fresh. Me like.

Uh? said:

Am I missing something?

HelllllllLoooooooL said:

Uh? said: Am I missing something?
Taste in good advertising?

someone said:

I remember like it was yesterday, the first time I spanked a....sorry wrong blog.

Risky said:

Different but then again maybe I'm not supposed to get it. The kids will love it.

Urgh said:

So the idea is 'people do random things pissed on beer'.
Category generic. Not specific to the brand. Put any B income beer log on that and it works.

Though I suspect the real idea was 'let's use this as an excuse to do anything totally random in our ads because we're stuck'.

Dave said:

nope. they do heaps of good stuff but these are painfully try-hard. weirdness still needs to be funny.

Old CD Guy said:

Couldn't have put it better myself, 12:04. It's a beer ad, for any beer.

Award show said:

These are made for me

i get it said:

Why does everyone want more reason? This is a beer calling beer for what it is. Silly antics.

@Dave said:

Spot on, painfully...painfully, try-hard. The terribly chosen 'whacky crazy antics' are just awful

Mousey said:

Why all the hate? I like it!

It could be for any beer, yes, but Carlton Dry did it. Great work!

Stupid said:

I liked it when I did the campaign with Smart for Diesel. On my own I just look stupid.

Jack Daniels said:

I like it. But hard to believe it made it past the responsible consumption of alcohol guidelines. Well done whoever sold it in.

Richard Denham said:

The beer for stupid people. An interesting positioning?

this guy said:

what is "painfully try hard" is the person (or persons) trying to act like they could have done a better job.

go back to writing fine print copy for insurance ads.

At least said:

They're trying something different to the tired 'man brand' crap that every other beer does. Points to them, it'll cut through

Old school CD tomo said:

Hate very muchy.

Jack Russell said:

Ah no, people are perfectly entitled to say these are try hard or generic.
What's up for debate is the validity of that opinion. Or not.
Because being able to do any better has got nothing to do with critiquing work.

this girl said said:

touche this guy.

It's so sad to see people that have never made it in advertising follow CB obsessively and continually slate awesome work that they have never, or will never have the pleasure of making. It must be so demoralising working on Goldmark catelogues and Super Amart press ads for local rags. Anyone that has actually been in advertising recognises the hard slog that it is and congratulates people for getting funny and interesting work up, without the guise of 'critiquing'.

Not saving lives now are we.

Alcoholics insight said:

When drunk I don't waste time trying to attach toast to my body. Im too busy trying to attached a girl to my body.

Hmmm said:

This girl, it's astonishingly arrogant to assume that just because somebody disagrees with your opinion, that they write 'Goldmark catalogues'. My CD has won every award going (and recently) and he pointed out, quite rightly that these are not only not very funny, they lack a great insight. Clems do great work, but like anyone, they do have the odd off day.

Dry Argument said:

Oh dear, 4:50. If only effective advertising was that simple. Funny and oddball/interesting are worthless if there's nothing that glues them to a brand. That's what we professionals are paid the bucks for. And that's the point dissenters on this thread are making. There are 99 beer on the shelf. Any of them can make a generic 'It's beer' claim. The trick is to make people want to buy your brand for some reason, even if that reason is a concoction, which most are - such as a hard-earned thirst or a cold-filtered brewing process or a fuller flavour or greater refreshment or less filling or more/less alcoholic content or darker/lighter colour or makes you look sophisticated or takes you somewhere romantic or bottled in clear/brown/green glass or any one of the zillion strategies one might adopt for beer. As for your suggestion that people with sufficient insight to understand that are demoralised catalogue or local paper hacks, well you just show how hopelessly out of your depth you are if that's all you can offer by way of argument.

Dorks said:

These are lovely.

I couldn't have come up with them, I can't explain them, but I like them a lot.

Would have been a genuinely hard sell in for genuinely refreshing outdoor.

Well done.

Dorks said:

Further -

That they managed to do the possibilities of piss without falling foul of Australia's booze regulations (and in a non-cliched way)... fuck, that's a miracle.

Good job.

Corner Office said:

This is shit. It's lazy generic rubbish that wouldn't get past the scribble stage at Award School. Easily the worst campaign to come out of Clems this year, actually make that the last 24 years.

Toolies week said:

Well done getting these up and past the regulators.

I laughed. Job done.

Red stripe said:

Borrowed the line from Red Stripe beer campaign circa 2003 from the USA "Hooray Beer", this one is a poor poor cousin. Watch the share decline boys. The CUB marketing directors from the 80's and 90's must reel from this stuff.

TSW said:

It's like the poor mans Dirty Granny outdoor, just lacks some relevance.

Mr. Legal said:

You only need to put TV past the regulators. The astonishing thing is how these got through CUB legal...

Malcolm McClaren said:

I do catalogues and take a lot of pride in them. My catalogues are better than this. AND, my fine print on the insurance manuals are masterpieces by comparison. There's a fucking art to catalogues, in case you hadn't noticed. My dream for the last 30 years has been to do a beer ad. From what I see here it can't be that hard to do. Catalogue writing is far more of a challenge and a nobler art , methinks.

Malcolm McClaren said:

In response to 'this girl said': It's so sad that jumped up, rock stars that have made it in advertising for sixty seconds, didn't get a grounding in catalogues, because perhaps then they would have learned how to spell 'catelogues'.

Ad said:

Funny how enraged people get when ads don't look like ads.

jm said:

I saw these first in an adshel, stood out like dog's balls and made me chuckle. job done.

Dear This girl said said:

Advertising is very hard at times. On that we agree Ms.4:50. But guess what? It's not so hard at a Clems, because clients come to them for 'funny and interesting work'. You want hard? Go work at an agency whose clients tell them what to do and how to do it. And then when 'it's' made, have them tell you how much they don't like it before research takes whatever's left. And then watch the CD and MD suck it all up. Why? Because they're gutless? No, because people's livelihoods on the line and they can't afford to be without a job. Trust me. I know. I've worked at both sort of agencies in my 20+ year career. The easiest time I ever spent was working at a Clems. So, before you start knocking anyone who's never worked there, take a deep breath and think again.

Oh come on...! said:

'It explores some of the possibilities that come about when people open the portal to the unexpected and random'.

We should all remember that one the next time we try run get an alcohol campaign through AAPS.

dryzabone said:

i love nic buckingham.

the man is very handsome.

Who gives a toss... said:

I dunno.

It's a beer for tossers, and the blokes in the ads look like tossers.

Probably created by tossers too, so they know how they think.

So probably right on the money I reckon.

Only problem is that tossers like this only drink about four beers, so they're unlikely to get to this point of behaviour.

But maybe it doesn't matter because they're tossers anyway.

Don't give a toss... said:

It's a beer for tossers.

The blokes in the ads look like tossers.

So probably on the money.

Only problem is that tossers don't usually drink more than 4 beers, so it's unlikely this zany behaviour might eventuate.

But they're tossers so who knows.

Good luck to the target market breaking up the six packs in bottle shops to buy 3.

Really said:


AA said:

The toast suit is the only good one here. The others are shit. Now fuck of the lot of your blog perving hacks!

Account Circus said:

These are pretty shite. As others have said, it's a beer property, not unique to this one at all.

The "zany" antics aren't that funny either. But perhaps they're the ones that made it through the process. The only potentially good aspect of this will be seeing if countless yobs say "Hello beer" every time they grab a Carlton Dry, or in the bottle shop.

It's just more quirky, inner-city joke bullshit like the Granny cider stuff from not long ago. Has no point except don't take it seriously. Nobody is going to deny that Clems is consistently fucking great, but this is the second thing in a row that's just been average - in my opinion. Interested to see what happens next.

What's a pseudonym? said:

I like to think I don't take myself too seriously.

The majority of my friends (I have left) not working in the ad game don't take themselves very seriously either.

When i saw these I chuckled to myself. It made me want to go & get loose with my mates. It has a big product shot so I remember who made me chuckle.

That's about as much thought the people looking at any ad will give it.

So job done.

Don said:

Dumb beer...interesting.
The fact that it's come out of Clems will be enough to get it awarded.

generic tosh said:

Beer refreshes the parts other beers can't reach.

The best cold beer is beer

I bet he drinks beer

will Think for Salary said:

This campaign is driving the ad-intelligencia of blogland insane. No mean feat.

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