Creative technology agency DT aids Christmas party faux pas with the 'Apology Maker'

DT.jpg'Tis the season of the office Christmas party and to aid recovery, STW Group's creative technology agency, DT, is offering all its clients and colleagues a free Christmas Party Apology Maker.

The app has been specially designed to address the most common Christmas misdemeanours, such as asking if someone works in Finance, or endorsing a colleague as an 'SEO Expert' on LinkedIn.

Says Brian Vella, managing director of DT: "At DT, we solve problems. While we won't be able to solve why you chose to use your desk as a dance floor, we do have the next best thing."

This year the agency has crafted a Christmas experience that works on desktop, tablet and mobile. After entering some basic details, users receive a personalised apology letter that can be emailed on their behalf. You can also choose whether to build or burn a bridge.

Says Jason Deacon, associate creative director: "Next year we hope to take this beyond emails and generate personalised Keynote presentations. We're excited to see how the apologies are enhanced by Magic Move."

Until such a time, those in the industry suffering Christmas party regrets are encouraged to visit and stylishly generate a free, personalised apology email.


Bill Dingmanager said:

few teething probs in chrome, wont let me send :(

Tom said:

@Bill, works fine in Chrome for me. Did you try turning it off and back on again?

Creative said:

Ugh, Christmas is so passe. Every year it's Donna this and Blitzen that. When are you creatives going to do something ORIGINAL?

Bill Dingmanager said:


Nah, i just changed browser, it was going nuts in Chrome for a bit there

My Christmas Wish said:

DT Boys Club would apologise for the lack of women promoted amongst their rank.

Adam said:

This is so late. Is Dt aware that most christmas parties are over?

Apart from that this is OK. Doesn't really show 'creative technology'. An undergraduate with some working html5 and ajax knowledge could have made this too.

Stephi said:

@Adam: DT are a solid, middle-of-the-road agency. This is pretty solid for an agency like them. You can't expect them to be doing anything that exciting like Soap, Tequila or RGA.

Well done DT!

Diddy said:

@Adam Digital is all about proportionality and knowing when to use what. Could they have stuck an augmented reality reindeer on it? Probably. Would it have sucked? Definitely.

You don't need to slap someone in the face with your dick to prove that you have one.

PR King said:

If DT would spend half of their time actually creating awesome, ground breaking work instead of PRing themselves at every opportunity, they would probably get one step closer to RG/A and one step further from Reactive. Just saying.

Why? said:

Oh dear Stephi, that's exactly the attitude that makes Australian born agencies so bloody non-competitive on a global scale. 'You can't expect them to be doing anything exciting', well why the hell not? Because of management? Because of the lack of solid creative leadership? Because of Ogilvy? What exactly will the reason be? Do tell, because I'm very interested. Meanwhile RG/A keeps on opening global offices and taking everyone's business. Stay tuned...

Adam said:

Merry Christmas you negative drongos.

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