Diageo launches cross-category shopper Summer campaign via The Station Agency

Diageo SD.jpgSummer's here at last, and to celebrate, leading spirits producer Diageo Australia is inspiring people to enjoy summer drinks with its first cross-category shopper marketing campaign via The Station Agency. Spanning outdoor proximity marketing, bespoke POS, promotions, online and customer magazines, the activity sits under the 'Summer drinks are calling' banner and is designed to drive spirits category growth.
Harnessing the same insight as Mixionary.com, which inspires consumers to mix drinks at home, this new campaign educates consumers at the point of purchase. With a focus on five brands within the company's spirit portfolio - Smirnoff vodka, Pimm's, Bundaberg Five rum, Gordon's gin and Jose Cuervo tequila - it demonstrates how mixed drinks can make casual get togethers even more memorable and is designed to give people the knowledge to confidently make mixed drinks at home.
Diageo SD 2.jpgExecuted across 10 national retail partners, campaign assets use enticing imagery to bring the concept to life. From 6 January 2013, a burst of high-impact proximity outdoor advertising will run across Australia and feature headlines including 'Love that holiday feeling' and 'Make the most of summer'.
In-store, POS including gondola ends and fridge decals will carry the 'Summer drinks are calling' tagline and will be tailored for each retailer. Driving further engagement, a promotion provides shoppers the chance to add theatre to the experience of serving mixed drinks at home, with each retailer having a bespoke item to offer, including a soda siphon and ice maker.
Transporting 'Summer drinks are calling' online, Diageo has invested in banners on key retailer websites, whilst off-line, further presence is driven in shopper-affiliated magazines.
Says Matt Bruhn, Diageo Australia marketing director: "With summer now here, we know that Australians will be hosting a range of social gatherings, and we want to make sure spirits are front of mind when people are thinking about the perfect drink for these occasions. While Mixionary.com provides consumers with the know-how to fashion mixed drinks,this Summer Drinks campaign is ensuring we remind them of this at the point of purchase.
"This innovative marketing activity aims to help drive brand growth, encouraging shoppers to consider spirits when summer drinks are calling."


what the... said:

What the...

Are we now showing work that would go in the back of a juniors folio?

Really... said:

"This innovative marketing activity"?

wtf? said:

seriously? why show this crap here?

terrible. terrible. terrible.

harold holt said:

who gives a flying fuck?

Cyberdyne Industries said:

Why do parent companies think that anyone cares about them or their portfolio?

Go away.

Confused. said:

Grog-shop wallpaper. Here?

Aha said:

Hey! People that drink booze during summer - it's summer, drink this booze!


Refreshment cues said:

Needs more of them to create a summery vibe around the campaign.

Back to basics said:

Great headlines, direct and to the point. Blindingly obvious, even a suit could have written them.

What has happened in the world, why on earth is any time devoted to discussing stuff like this.
I know it's very old world and analogue to say it, but I'd just turn the page, wouldn't stop for a second.
I mean it's a product range shot and merely stating the occasion or permission to drink. Who cares?

And the "insight" which inspires people to mix drinks at home. Wow, how long has that been going on?

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