Greenpeace asks consumers to change their tuna in new campaign via Havas Worldwide Sydney

GRE021A-Tuna.jpgHavas Worldwide Sydney has created a new outdoor and print campaign for Greenpeace, following on from the environmental group's break-through agreement with John West.

The 'Change your Tuna' campaign, featuring a confronting image of a baby turtle in a sandwich, is designed to raise awareness of Greenpeace's 'Canned Tuna Ranking', a league table that shows consumers which brands are using the most sustainable methods of fishing for tuna.
Says James Lorenz, communications manager, Greenpeace: "Australians care deeply about our oceans and are shocked when they find out some of our favourite brands continue to use destructive fishing methods. As consumers we have the power to make a real difference just by carefully choosing which brands are put in our shopping baskets. We expect this distinctive creative from Havas to inspire more people to think twice and make the sustainable choice."

Says Steve Coll, executive creative director Havas Worldwide Sydney: "We're keen supporters of the work Greenpeace are doing and are very pleased to lend our creative resources to a campaign like this. It's important for people to know how their food is caught. And it's also important for brands that do things properly to get recognition and consumer support. I'm very grateful to Sean and the guys at Cream for the massive contribution they have made to this campaign."

To create the turtle sandwich, photographer Sean Izzard sourced a live model from the turtle rehabilitation centre at Dolphin Marine Magic in Coffs Harbour. The young turtle was photographed on site then en-sandwiched back in Surry Hills by retouchers at Cream.

Greenpeace has called on all tuna brands to encourage sustainable fishing practices, including the end of FAD's, an indiscriminate fishing practice where turtles, rays and sometimes whales are being killed by tuna fishermen. The environmental group estimates that every year, 27 million tonnes of marine life is killed needlessly alongside the target fish.

Havas Worldwide Sydney wishes to make it very clear that no turtles were harmed in the making of this advertising campaign.

Havas WW team:
Executive Creative Director: Steve Coll
Copywriter: Jeremy Vernon
Art Director: Ben Pearce
Agency Producer: Warrick Nicholson
Group Account Director: Scott McIntyre

Agency Partners:        
Photographer: Sean Izzard/The Pool
Retouching: Cream


Confused said:

Isn't turtle supposed to be in soup?

meh... said:

Nice and simple. Looks great.




Poor Turtle said:

Hope it makes change .

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