Griffen Creative launches financial coaching for creative departments in Melbourne and Sydney

FC.jpgKym Griffen through Griffen Creative has just launched a new service to creative departments called The Financial Coach.

The 40 minute group sessions were researched and written for his client The Planning Room Financial Planning.

Griffen who is doing the talks himself, has already started hosting sessions to groups both in Sydney and Melbourne. If you would like to book in a session simply call Kym on 0403 204446 or contact him by email here.
They are designed to give creatives a snapshot of the financial world and how to survive in it. Covering everything from the stock market to superannuation to saving's plans, from wills to insurances to debt reduction, even how to negotiate a better mortgage rate.

Originally written for high level sport's teams, Griffen felt they would be perfect for creatives where the focus is also on performance, less so on finance.

Says Griffen: ''This is everything I would have liked to have known as a younger creative, but in the creative world you concentrate on ideas and craft so too often understanding and keeping on top of finances is pushed to one side.''

Griffen has written the sessions using typical marketing communication techniques, keep it simple and entertaining.

Says Griffen: ''Nobody wants to give up their lunchtime or after work drinks to attend a boring lecture on money, so the sessions are fast paced, with no sales pitch, and best of all are free.''


Griff said:

Yes, back in Melbourne late Jan , early Feb. will also be back again when The Swans are playing, Kym.

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