Millward Brown's Future Group identifies top 10 emerging digital and media trends for 2013

top10.jpgMillward Brown, the world's leading brand, media and communications research consultancy, today released its annual top 10 digital and media predictions, highlighting growing trends in the media sector.
Of particular relevance in the Australian market, 'omnichannel marketing' was identified as an area in which brands will invest as social and mobile data sources are blended with offline brand experiences. In 2013 the green shoots of omnichannel strategies will involve companies turning existing datasets into active targeting engines that will capture meaningful moments of engagement that can be referenced and built upon during subsequent interactions.

For more information on the top 10 predictions, click here.
Says Mark Henning, director, media & digital solutions at Millward Brown: "The Australian digital media market is growing at a rate of knots. We expect 2013 to be another dynamic year for online display, mobile and social media. Consumers have ever higher expectations of intelligent digital advertising approaches, and marketers will need to deliver more sophisticated campaigns to keep pace with what works."
The key trends outlined in Millward Brown's digital media predictions for 2013 include:
  1. Facebook's monetisation drive will provide new, richer advertising opportunities for brands
  2. Social media listening evolves from monitoring to insight
  3. Emergence of 'mobile remotes' make them a central pillar of smart communications plans
  4. The great paywall makes for a scarcity of premium eyeballs
  5. Omnichannel marketing helps brands build on meaningful moments of engagement
  6. Social TV grows up: Becomes part of the narrative rather than a conversation about the narrative
  7. Mobile advertising in Africa tackles the smartphone divide
  8. Greater collaboration is needed to make the most of real-time optimisation
  9. Better alignment of online display formats with marketing objectives
  10. More meaningful mobile engagement via apps and actions


de Botton, A. said:

2013 will be a year where researchers continue to state the bleeding obvious and get paid for it by the creatively bereft.

Here's a challenge Millward Brown - following all your years in the field, could you please name one unequivocally 'unique discovery' that all this 'research' has uncovered.

Just one.

@Theo said:

LOL...How true.

May said:

De Botton if research tells you something you don't know then you don't have a good grasp of the business you are in. Research results and findings should not give you any surprises, they should confirm what you thought by validating with a robust sample.

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