RACQ Insurance launches 'incredibly famous' commercial via SapientNitro Brisbane

RACQ.jpgOn Boxing Day, RACQ Insurance, via SapientNitro Brisbane will launch the first of a series of new spots based on the human truth that when something goes wrong, the first thing people often think of is 'how could I have avoided it?' and 'if only things could have been different'.

In the first spot, the main character imagines what it would be like to be 'incredibly famous' and use his network of famous friends to get him home when his damaged car leaves him stranded.

Says Ralph Barnett, creative director at SapientNitro: "While the new campaign builds on the past 14 years of much-loved RACQ commercials, the new approach provides a creative platform that will enable us to create highly-engaging RACQ work well into the future."

In upcoming spots, viewers will meet a psychic who wouldn't need insurance because she could 'see the future and stop things from happening', a time travelling bingle victim who 'goes back to avoid the accident', and a young IT worker who wished he had his own personal 'undo button'.

Says John Devaney, RACQ executive manager marketing communications: "The challenge was to evolve and refresh one of Australia's most highly rated campaigns from a viewer perspective, with a fan base built up over more than a decade. Our collaboration with SapientNitro has delivered this."

Chris Partridge, marketing manager insurance, echoed the sentiments of the new work that retains a unique Queensland feel and slice-of-life humour.

Says Partridge: "What we love about these ads is they cover product, benefit and brand in a seamless way, creating stories everyone is able to watch again and again."

Creative Director: Ralph Barnett
Writer: Mike Kennedy
Managing Director: Stephen Forth
Account Director: Natalie Hocking
Agency Producer: Melissa Ashman
Director: Miles Murphy
Production Company: Taxi
Executive Producer: Andrew Wareham
Producer: Simone Mackie
Post Production: Cutting Edge
Editor: Kerry Farrell
Music: Cam McKenzie, Silver & Scout
RACQ Executive Manager Marketing Communications: John Devaney
RACQ Manager Marketing Insurance: Chris Partridge
RACQ Marketing Coordinator Insurance: Katy Shaw


Ho Hum said:

See it once, never want to see it again.
Just an ad, like so many, with little to say and no reason to get vaguely excited about. Which is fine, just don't PR it expecting anyone to laud praise.

Rich. said:

Absolute bollocks. Well done.

Really really really said:


Bored said:

There's so many things wrong, sad and upsetting about this I don't know where to start.

Don said:

Showed a little promise......then nothing.

sad sack said:

Compared to the old RACQ ads. this one is miles ahead and not a representation of slow, stupid qlder's. Luke Joslin did a good job here.

Nup said:

RACQ ads used to be a talking point that gained milage when people weren't even ifront of their TVs. No one will talk about these new ads. Looks like managers listened too much to the minority of disgruntled viewers like sad sack and didn't recognise a winning formula when they had it.

Annoyed RACQ member said:

These are some of the worst ads currently on TV. I cringe every time they appear. It seems like an egotistical creative has sold this rubbish concept to the client all on the basis of being a supposed big name agency with some form of credibility. Perhaps the addition of some crap special effects they must think it could gain them something come award season. These lack lustre spots have made us want to change insurers as seem like a gross misuse of members money.

Liking the ad chick ... said:

Actually, I kinda like the new ads. They are fun and refreshing... Maybe the people bagging them need to chillax, get off the couch, get some fresh air and look at life in a more positive manner ...

Tina said:

ThIs ad, with the guy with famous friends is your best, I love it, the actor is brilliant!

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