Rhonda groans "kiss me Ketut" in latest online remix for AAMI Insurance via Ogilvy, Melbourne

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 5.21.58 PM.jpgEnjoy the remix of Rhonda and Ketut's romance in Bali, with Rhonda singing "kiss me Ketut".



Fonzy said:

Jumping the shark...

Milk it. said:

Squeeze it for all its worth, Badjar. Is the only allright thing you've done in the last couple of years. Or should I call you Singo's? Not a moment too late for a change in there. And it is coming through the Back door....

Flaming Rhonda said:


Joe said:


Mike said:

Every time I work in advertising, these are the ads that people say they love. This is a really good way to make the most of the campaign. I'm expecting to hear it as a ringtone on the train any day now...

Jim said:

it's like a sunrise in my ketut

Ron Shaw-Ron said:

Where is a woman's Ketut? And will someone please kiss hers as requested,

jusnaught said:

Please stop.

Marladog said:

This is great! I can see this being a New Years eve song. Pleeeeease release this.

Santa said:

This is shit, just like the ads and just like the people who think they are good.

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