Ex-SapientNitro Sydney CD Scot 'Skip' Waterhouse lands at Leo Burnett Sydney

Skip photo.jpgCB Exclusive - After the untimely departure of several key players at SapientNitro Sydney, creative director Scot 'Skip' Waterhouse, seems to have landed on his feet, freelancing at Leo Burnett Sydney, until further notice.

Says Waterhouse: "I've always prided myself in never making enemies and never burning bridges, and it seems to have paid off - a week or so after I was given my Sapient marching orders, I bumped into Andy (DiLallo), , Susannah and their new baby down at Bronte Beach.

"I Invited them for a quick beer (or three) at the surf club, and he asked how life was going. I told him that Sapient had just let me go, to which he responded, "Cool, we could do with a guy like you at Leo's.

"Burnetts is an amazing place, full of incredible people. It's a privilege to be here sitting amongst a team who are doing some of the best work in Australia, let alone the world."

Says DiLallo: "The opportunity to get Skip on board was one we just couldn't pass up. I look forward to sharing Skip's talent and leadership with some of Australia's greatest brands. Although he has just arrived, his impact has been immediate and potent. Serendipity is a beautiful thing."


Hallmark said:

And they lived happily ever after...

2Gs said:

Great move Skip.


Nice one Skip, always knew you would 'land on your feet'. Leo's will definitely benefit from your skills. Smash out some great work and smash back some schooners. Enjoy
and of course...rather large chap, 'I'm afraid that I was very, very drunk.

Sean Bean said:

Goodluck Skip! You're a brilliant creative and an even better bloke. They're lucky to have you you around.

serendipity said:


Yuri Gagarin said:

That's the look I'm going for. I just can't get the muscles and the kiss-curl to work.
Congratulations Skip.

Jake said:

Nice one skip, Jake

GT350 replica said:

I hope that was a Movember mo my friend.

Gigolo said:

Hay, datsa my look!

Shane F said:

Good to see you back in the Rocks again Skip. Am sure they still got your tab open at the Australian and Lord Nelson...

Mish Moneypenny said:

Merc burger, soon. x

Dead jerry said:

I think he shot me down in world war 2.

Stuart said:

Karma in play. I'm sure you'll make a great impact there.

Brian said:

Skip has the most lovely knees you're ever likely to see on a man

Pom said:

Great bloke but definitely concur with other comments on the 'tash and curl...

Leo's gain is definitely Sapient's loss and he'll go well with his hard work and love of the craft (and be an able drinking buddy for anyone that wants to head out for a beer or six)

Good luck fella

Sean Connery said:


Hop, Skip and a Jump said:

Great people will always land on their feet.
Well Done Scot.
Love the tickler BTW ;-)

Bobby Sherwood said:

A true gentleman and scholar, not to mention an amazing creative. I'll bet my bottom dollar he'll get snapped up before you can say Huzzah! And if there was a Grand Prix for dad gags, he'd clean up.

Publican at The Cricketers said:

Yacht for sale.

Sydney Writer said:

Good one Scot,

I remember when I was hustling for gigs in Sydney....Scot, despite an incredibly busy CD, always took the time to give me feedback on my ideas and give me encouraging feedback. It was of great value to me.

Really good guy and a seriously sharp writer.

Hope to see him land some metal for Leos.

Merry Xmas Scot.

Madsheela said:

great guy and a great creative. good luck! onward and upward!

jim omahony said:

great move skip and good on ya vegas

Nat said:

Congrats old bean!

Coxy said:

Well done Skip. Well done Leo Burnett.

Confused said:

This is one of the oddest articles I have read here ... are Burnett's now PR-ing their freelancers ?
Is Skip PR-ing the fact he is freelancing and hasn't landed a perm role ?

Chris E said:

That's awesome, Scot. I’ll always remember the sage words of advice you gave me about upholding your own brand. Yours is stronger than ever! A frosty frothy will be had in your honour. Chris, Melbourne.

Crampy said:

Nice move Skip. Although the comments about your knees are a bit disturbing.

Tinni said:

Well done Skip. You can't keep a good man down, or an old dog!
Leo's is a great place and will suit you much better. Looking forward to seeing you back on your game.

Annonymous said:

Good on you Skip, you deserve better than sapient!

Gable and Lombard said:

Can Chaos be far behind?

DT said:

Bloody beauty mate. Leos gain. Sapients loss.

Walese said:

A top man to a top shop. Good luck Skip

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