Skittles turns science fiction into a reality in new online campaign via Clemenger BBDO Sydney

Telekenize.jpgCB Exclusive: Pushing the boundaries on how technology and creative ideas can work together, Clemenger BBDO Sydney has launched, 'Telekinize The Rainbow', an interactive, multi-user experience for iconic confectionary brand, Skittles, which gives individuals the ability to move actual Skittles with their mind.

Says Paul Nagy, executive creative director from Clemenger BBDO Sydney: "Until now, telekinesis has only ever existed in science fiction movies. By adding a heap of Skittles awesomeness to some new state-of-the-art technology, some of which we developed ourselves, we're enabling people to move Skittles in a way they've never been able to before."

Click here to see the campaign on Facebook.
The experience, which launches today, is the first ever campaign created for the Australian market.

Says Chris Blayney, Wrigley's marketing director: "Skittles worldwide has won over millions of fans over by dramatising what happens at the intersection of real and imaginary. We are constantly challenging ourselves to create something new and unpredictable for our fans. Through our partnership with Clemenger, we have created a unique and entertaining experience for fans to interact, where consumers can put their temporary super powers to the test."

The experience will live entirely on Facebook and will be live for one week only to Australian and New Zealand audiences.


Tried it said:

Lacks the humour of the US campaign.

Steve said:


Pew Pew said:

Nice one.

a said:

tried it, didn't work.

yeah but said:

No announcement about the CD who left recently, after a 9 month stint?

David Copperfield said:

Rad to the power of awesome.

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