Strike Bowling launches their 2012 Christmas functions campaign and comp via Loud&Clear

img_9999.jpgLoud&Clear, the digital creative agency behind April's social media balloon stunt have teamed up again with Strike Bowling for their 2012 Christmas functions campaign and competition.

Earlier in the campaign Strike ran a social media competition asking it's fans for their worst experiences of an office Christmas party.

Says Matt McIntosh, Strike's marketing manager: "Almost all responses from people who had a Christmas party in their workplace, reported that the party had been pretty bad, and listed so many things that were absolutely cringe-worthy, things like the CEO's wrestling with staff, songs running off an iPod on repeat all night, terrible food, warm beers. The responses kept coming in."

Using these replies Loud&Clear have recreated the most common or ridiculous responses, in a 60 second branded walk through of a truly terrible Christmas party.

Says Joel Beath, producer: "It's universal, most people will identify with the narrator, we've all looked around an office Christmas party at some point in our careers and thought, this is terrible. If you haven't, you're really lucky, or you're one of the people that our respondents are talking about."

The shoot saw Loud&Clear's art department gleefully decorate a typical Melbourne CBD office space with gaudy decorations, fake snow, and the worst office party catering they could think of. The result is an all too familiar walk through an experience that for many of us is too close to home.

To support the video, Strike are offering a party for one viewer and 25 of their colleagues to experience a Christmas party with a difference at any one of their eleven nationwide venues.

Entrants just need to supply their own experience of a terrible Christmas party.


Don said:

Funny because it's true.

Phil said:

Nice work BK!

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