TAC launches campaign to get loved ones home safely this Christmas via Naked Communications

TAC_HomeSafely1212_DandenongOut[1].jpgIn a world first for road safety Naked Communications with The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) via Naked Communications is combining the influence of social media with the power of broadcast media by allowing people to send their personal road safety messages to their loved ones. Their personal messages will then be displayed on outdoor signage, and radio stations at a time and place programmed by the sender.

The initiative will run until January 14th 2013. Messages for broadcast or billboards can be submitted at www.homesafely.com.au.

LISTEN TO HOMESAFELY - TAC_Homesafely_30_Radio.mp3
LISTEN TO CAITLIN -TAC_Radio_Caitlin.mp3
TAC_HomeSafely1212_Grange[1].jpgSays Adam Ferrier, founding partner of Naked Communications: "We are extremely proud of this idea. #homesafely allows people to display their road safety message to their loved ones, at a time that's most impactful, whilst they are actually driving. You can program where and when the message will appear, either as an outdoor TAC_HomeSafely1212_Nepean[1].jpgad, or as a self-recorded radio ad.  Hearing or seeing a 'drive safely' message is harder to ignore if it comes from a loved one, rather than a faceless government department."

Victorians can remind someone they know to drive #Homesafely, with a personalised billboard near where they live or a TAC_HomeSafely1212_StKilda[1].jpgmessage played on the radio. This technology allows Victorians to submit their message at the #Homesafely website and choose exactly where and when their message will appear.

The TAC CEO Janet Dore said the initiative was an opportunity to give family and friends the most powerful incentive of all, to take care on the roads.

Says Dore: "A heartfelt message from you to your son, daughter, Mum, Dad, sister, best mate will really motivate them to get home safely to you."

Melbourne Stars captain, and cricket legend Shane Warne, and Melbourne Renegades captain Aaron Finch joined the call encouraging Victorians to become road safety ambassadors. By joining with the T20 Big Bash Melbourne teams to launch the initiative, the TAC hopes young men in particular will heed the messages of their loved ones.

Melbourne Renegades CEO Stuart Coventry said the team's safety message would be broadcasting soon and players would support the campaign on Twitter.

Says Coventry: "Through the @TACHomesafely Twitter handle, we will spread the word about #Homesafely and remind our loved ones to be safe on the roads over the festive season," Mr Coventry said.

Agency, Naked Communications
Adam Ferrier, Planning Partner
Ashley Smith, Expression
Renata Gordon, Expression
Simon Veksner, Head of Ideas
Tristan Graham, Ideas
Lach Hall, Communications Strategist
Chris Costuna, Ideas
Matt Houltham, Managing Director
Client, TAC


Blah said:

"Your son!" Nice comedy VO in among the serious ones on the HomeSafely ad. Well played!

Hi said:

Hi Like it. Well done guys

Ralph said:

I'd really like to like this, but addressing a specific person in the ad makes it irrelevant to all the other listeners.
The magic of radio is that every ad has the potential to sound like it's talking to you personally. The magic is broken when you mention someone else’s name.
At least use real messages. Caitlin sounds as if she’s reading a script over studio sound effects.

Like I said, I really wanted to like this idea.

dave said:

one of those ideas that will be made to seem really impressive in an entry video, but in reality is pretty soft around the edges. Let's face it, the odds of actually seeing the outdoor message to you... on screen at the very moment you drive past... is about 1 in 10,000.

But the entry vid will show otherwise.

Ummm said:

Wouldn't seeing a message addressed directly to you as you drive be a bit, you know, DISTRACTING!!?!?!

Matt said:

I love it. Simplicity delivered via a complex back end. Will do well. Yes the case study video will look good because it's a bloody good idea.

Blind Man said:

Love the fact that you can't read it. Makes this an all-time timeless classic.

Hmmm said:

Hi Blindman these are just small images on a website. If you see them in situ, in real life, you'll see that the outdoor ads are much much bigger and are easily seen. Great campaign. Like it a lot.

yeah but said:

Agree, chances of anyone seeing the message to them are zero. Expect better from Naked.

watching said:

Will anyone do this, really?

Interesting to see.

Those Nakeds sure like letting people put their name on stuff.

Barksdale said:

Love it. Of course people won't see the individual message intended for them. But they will still very much 'get the message'.

Traditional old hack said:

Lets predict the worst guys?!? What's going on here? Great idea really interesting concept. Why bag??

the reverend said:

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that's a great idea. Well done guys.

Expression? said:

This is a really good idea in need of some better art direction.

David said:

Very nice work. Just uploaded a radio ad. Don't think they'll play it!!

Old CD guy said:

The long long table was better.
This seems to try hard and lacks punch.

Just because you can doesnt mean you should.

Older CD Guy said:

Passes the wish I had thought of it test.

tonic said:

Someone has sent me one of these messages: I just have to be at St Kilda Junction between the hours of 4pm and 7pm on Christmas Eve.

This is great news as I normally stop in at the Junction for a 3 hour break on my 30 minute trip home each day. I can't wait to see it!

Adam F said:

Hi tonic, if you are driving past in your car between those hours you will see it up there as it will be on high rotation (along with other personalised messages to other people). The billboards are digitised so they can rotate through a number of messages. Get it?

Matt said:

Excelent stuff

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