The City of Sydney and Telstra gear up for New Year's Eve in Sydney with App via Imagination

TELAPP.jpgImagination started the year in fine form by clinching Kylie Minogue as creative
, and have followed it up with several big-ticket additions to the show thanks to a collaboration between the City of Sydney and Telstra and the launch of a new App.

Says Heath Campanaro, Imagination director: "It's this amazing partnership that will make this year's event the most connected, interactive New Year's Eve ever.

TelstraSNYE_BE_Pylons_v1_1small.jpg"As if having Kylie on-board wasn't enough, thanks to Telstra's involvement, the public can now participate in the event like they never have before. Kylie brings the glamour, and Telstra bring the colour and connection, it's a dream combination for New Year's Eve.

Thanks to the collaboration we're TelstraSNYE_TelstraApp_v11-2small.jpgable to create an amazing light show on the Harbour Bridge, and connect people to the show and to each other through the Sydney New Year's Eve App, and Facebook.

Says Campanaro: "Telstra is the only partner we felt had the ability to deliver on the idea."

Designed by Imagination, the official 'Sydney New Year's Eve' App, by Telstra, is the ultimate companion for this year's celebrations. The App adds value for both City of Sydney and Telstra - giving new meaning and joy to the idea of connecting on New Year's Eve.

Says Campanaro: "Thanks to new technology and social media we will help people usher in the New Year with friends and family near and far. They can connect in real time by taking part in a stunning light show or through sending instant messages to the bridge pylons. It's all
about creating magical, memorable moments that people can share on New Year's Eve."

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