The Pool Collective's Sean Izzard and Cameron Gray set to speak at CreativeMornings/Sydney on Wednesday, December 19th at Macleay College

Sean Profile .jpgCam profile.jpgCreativeMornings/Sydney has announced that Sean Izzard and Cameron Gray of the Pool Collective will speak at its December event happening Wednesday 19th at Macleay College.

Izzard and Gray will give a talk on the topic 'Creative Collectives - Working in a collective and staying relevant in a rapidly changing industry'. The talk is sponsored by Campaign Monitor and Tractor.

Free tickets go live on Wednesday 12th December at 11am here.
CreativeMornings is a free monthly gathering for creative types. Each event includes a talk, followed by a Q&A, plus free coffee and a bite to eat.

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Wow said:

They must be flat out!

Simon Harsent said said:

@ Wow you're a Cock

Well said Harsent said:

Good stuff Sean... one of the few photographers actually keen to grow the photography industry and pass his knowledge on. Hopefully some photographers pick up some of his skills, they could learn a lot from him.

Suitcase Murphy said:

Knock em dead Blizz! Simon Harsent, couldn't agree more.

Photo Real said:

Looks like something spilled and collected in a pool.

The poses say it all really.

Collective Financing said:

60 days EOM.

sifu said:

i went to school with sean.
afterwards, i saw him transgress from the expected to the exceptional... and that was over 30 years ago.
the talent and all that encompasses him was just there.

but, it took him to realise that the 'ordinary' he was presented with as 'standard' was just that.
from there, sean's taken his mark.

kudos to the boy and all he's achieved as a professional and, more importantly, as a father and a husband.

little does he know, sifu remains his friend...

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