Twenty20 launches origami Christmas star


0 out of Twenty said:

Very 1960's

jimmy the Nose said:

Fark me

Mister Maker said:

If they'd allowed you to digitally design, print & create (& share socially) along the lines of Foldify, then it would have been relevant today -

@Mister Maker said:

Whilst the ad is undoubtedly below par, not everything has to be shared socially. In fact, I'm sure most people would be horrified to see 'check out the Christmas decoration I've just created!' on their timeline. Just saying.

Twenty20 Staffer said:

I agree with the comments above.

The supplied example is no good. That's because we didn't send out anything that looks like that. Ours had a headline on it for a start - which was kinda witty. And a helpline for those who were struggling to fold it.

It appears someone has done a screen grab of parts of our eDM - but not the whole kit & kaboodle in all it's dazzling splendour.

But no bother, it's Christmas afterall - so we won't bother ourselves with such trivialties. You should be out shopping for gifts and planning how to keep auntie Doreen away from the eggnog.

Have yourself a delightfully Happy Christmas Campaign Brief readers, and a safe and prosperous new year.

Gina said:

How do you join all six of the modules?

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