Vodafone launches two new 'vbook' spots during third test cricket match via Ogilvy Sydney

outdoorwedding.jpgVodafone has released the second chapter of its vbook campaign, with Ogilvy Sydney. The spots launched over the weekend during the third test match between Australia and South Africa.

Launched earlier this month, the vbook campaign helps cricket fans keen to watch live cricket all summer get away with it, by creating a veil of deception in the form of a book with a special cut-out section inside to fit a smartphone. This gift from the 'cricket-gods' enables fans to tune into all the Vodafone Test Series action via the Cricket LIVE Australia app, while appearing to be engrossed in an educative title.

ViewersVerdict.jpgThe latest 15 and 30-second spots called 'outdoor wedding' follow on from the first TVCs that went live earlier in November, featuring a range of players - including Vodafone Test Series Captain Michael Clarke - each promoting a different book title, like 'Turning your Pool into a Yabbie Farm', or for the crafts inclined, 'Handmade Gifts of Love'.

The new TVC's also introduce Vodafone Viewers Verdict, an interactive feature within the Cricket Live Australia app, which allows viewers at home to interact with Channel 9's live broadcast of the Vodafone Test Series.

Both the vbook and the app will be featured in the telecast with the commentary team.

The vbook campaign will continue over summer, with experiential live sites in Sydney and Melbourne planned to coincide with the Boxing Day and New Years tests. Vodafone will be offering fans the opportunity to get their own vbook made at the live sites.

ECD - Brett Howlett
CD - Russell Smyth
Writer - Scott Mortimer
Art Director - Wellison D'Assuncao
Head of Strategy - Gerry Cyron
Account Management - Nathan Quailey
TV Producer - Gabe Hammond
Director - David Wood
Production company - Film Construction


Rob G said:

make it stop....

Please.... if only the camera could just move a little more - and be alittle more observational.......Yawn.

Beer Before Breakfast said:

I love the casting. That guy has never been in an ad before. Except (start list here)

Out!...door wedding said:

Why do agencies seek comfort in casting an actor who's clearly identifiable from other ads? I would have thought that works against credibility - if you can use the words credibility and advertising in the same sentence.

Dicko said:

Who fucking cares about the talent? Its a nice spot. Nuff said.

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