Whybin\TBWA takes out B&T Agency of the Year title + Advertising Agency of the Year

Screen shot 2012-12-01 at 8.28.15 AM.jpgWhybin\TBWA was crowned B&T's overall Agency of the Year as well as Advertising Agency of the Year at an award ceremony last night in Sydney.

M&C Saatchi took out the NSW Agency of the Year, while CumminsRoss won Victorian Agency of the Year.

All the results here.


Paul S said:

Well done to all. Special congrats to Analogfolk. Awesome end to the year for a group of really great people

baaaah said:


but that sheep campaign is rubbish. total rubbish.



Jeep on a pole said:

Well done to all but if people rank Cummins Ross higher than Clemenger BBDO Melbourne or George Patts, I lose all respect for the other results.

Odd said:

Strange strange results.

Don said:

I hear you Jeep on a pole but remember.. he sells his agency to Sapient for truckloads and has built it all back again as Sapient Melbourne all but closes it's doors...got to be worth a few votes?

Not a hater like 1.59pm said:

I rate CumminsRoss very highly. An independent agency, a one stop shop, 22 months old, 70 people, Cannes lion winning, new business winning. You're a tough marker if you don't think that's not impressive. The're just the facts, not the spin.

It's a great win.

Jeep on a pole you indeed have a pole up your arse.

CannesWatch said:

Not a hater like 1.59pm:

Yes, CumminsRoss won a Bronze Lion at Cannes this year but compare that to the record haul (1 Integrated, 4 Gold, 1 Silver, 4 Bronze Lions) from Patts Melbourne: http://www.campaignbrief.com/2012/06/george-patterson-yr-melbourne-2.html

And even the awards won by Clems Melbourne. Creatively, Patts and Clems beat Cummins hands down in 2012. But B&T is all about business wins and other factors - the work doesn't seem to matter that much - so that's why they probably won.

Hey Cannes watch said:

You might want to recount those numbers, you're being overly generous to Patts Melbourne.

In my opinion the race would have been between Clem's and Cummins anyway. Clem's is, year in year out, dominating both new business, profitability and with the work. Whilst Patts has had a good year with the work, they unfortunately have lost a big bit of business and have shrunk as an agency.

Of course the time period is set so beer chase for Carlton wouldn't of counted either.

Pole up my arse said:

To rank Taylor's over Coke or Virgin also smelled very strange. What exactly has Taylor's done this year? Share a Coke and Fair Go Bro would have to be two of the most successful campaigns in recent history.

Not a hater said said:

Wow Cannes watch.

Is it all about the amount of awards is it?

Ummmm, no.

It's about hitting those standards yes. Which CumminsRoss did. And then some outstanding other measures which arguably few agencies in Australia, let alone Victoria have matched in the last twelve months.

It is an outstanding agency full of outstanding people.

Lisa said:

I work at CumminsRoss and to all you haters out there I love this place. It's one of the best places I've worked in my career. I find it sad how people can't just be happy for each other. I'm proud of CR and feel honoured to work here with so many amazing and talented people. Bring on the next year of wonderful work!

I don't work at CR. Seriously. said:

I have done some work with them and can attest to the following:

They work bloody hard. Sean is a perfectionist. He imposes a culture of perfectionism that every other agency I've worked with seems to rank as unimportant. His passion is infectious and every person there embodies it. That agency is a brilliant concept, business and creative hub. It's not about the creative awards, it's about the ethos and attitude. It's a paradigm shifting agency and it's only just begun. Our agencies need to work a little harder because of this win. And we should.

In Plain Englisch said:

Hey JOAP, if you came down off your pole (which FYI CumminsRoss did not have anything to do with) and popped your head into the agency you would find one of the most passionate, creative, hardworking and deserving teams you will NEVER have the pleasure of working with.

All said:

Really...the best agency?
Lamb thing is pure fiction.
What else is there?
Anz is dreadful. Medical thing is worse.
The zoo stuff, awful.
It must be there turn.

Team said. said:

Are there only two people that work at Whybin?

Jesus said:

Its pretty amazing reading some of these comments.
I do find it hilarious how people think that by throwing in a negative line here or there it means people will listen.
Particular favourite is 'lamb thing is pure fiction' as if that is fact.
How about this little tid bit, if you didn't win, you didn't win the room on the day.
Or this one, if you didn't even make finalist, you might need to have a good look at your agency, there's some good learnings from all the finalists.
And yes, that means Cummins Ross as well.

Reality check said:

Its comforting to know that at some stage in your career , you can dismiss the comments of the poor souls who were not trained properly.And know they will never be heard of again and will inevitably become supermarket shelf stackers( which,by the way is a place they may learn something).! Conrats to all the winners and lets not let the small minded drag us down.

Well done Tbwa said:

Lavendar won digital and direct agencies of the year over well better placed competitors.

I agree with the above sentiment. I don't think anybody is bitter, but the decision of the judges undermine the deserved winners by awarding companies that shouldn't even enter.

Jack Russell said:

How can you not respect what Cummins Ross has achieved since they formed?

It's an amazing result by any measure. Take a bow Rossy - you chucked in the cushy gig that was going nowhere, and have helped build something from scratch that is going great guns.

Just hope said:

"the partners" are being well looked after.

Proof is in the people said:

If CR is so good, why do they only have the clients and people Patts and Clem's don't want?

A true measure is where you'd prefer to work. Patts and Clem's have world class people lining up to get in, CR don't.

Tells you who the people working in agencies think is the best.

Ex Patts Now CR said:

Yeah boi.

VB said:

what a strange night... no DDB Sydney, Clems, Patts, Monkeys, Droga, Ogilvy, or the like. Not even the digital powerhouse Visual Jazz could crack a mention. Anyway, at least there was a Vic Agency of the Year. No other winners from down here, in what felt very much like a wierd SADC night. Well done to all the winners of course....

Sarah said:

When will agency folk get over awards being the only way to judge performance. As a client I think agencies waste too much time filling in award applications. Clients actually respect agencies who get on with making a difference to our businesses.

Caution said:

The negative comments are an example of everything that's wrong with advertising.
Awards and bitchiness. Is it any wonder so many in the business community have such little respect for our industry?

There to the small hours and had fun said:

It’s too funny reading the comments above. The way I see it every agency worth mentioning had a crack at entering (as they do every year). Of course the judging is suspect and of course there always question marks about whether the right agency won on the night. But the simple truth is, they played the game better than anyone else this particular time. Fair play to them and there's always year.

Children said:

The comments above are just another sad indictment on the state of the industry and a specially alarming warning about where the priorities of certain people lay. No wonder clients think the vast majority of creatives behave like immature playground children in search for their next ribbon rather than focusing on solving their business problems. It's pathetic. The panel of judges of the B&T Awards, as opposed to other judging panels, is comprised of very senior and very respected business people, a lot of them from the client side, people that truly understand the challenges of this industry in general and see the big picture. Every single agency on the shortlist and specially the winners has obviously demonstrated a capacity to not only create good work, but also generate new business opportunities and outstanding growth in what it is, basically, a shrinking economic environment. This is not about creative awards, shiny things and other useless trinkets that only enthuse creative types with an inferiority complex. This is about a lot more than that. Grow up! And congrats everybody that made it on the night!

Bris burn said:

Congrats to all winners and finalists. But agree with much of the sentiment on here - for Pusher (a mostly Sydney based digital shop) to pick up QLD agency of the year is astonishing.

Give us an Ad Break said:

He will never be happy until he gets a spot on Gruen. Oh, that's right he is starting his own Ad Break show in Asia. Two years later, when is it going to air?

Musta missed it.

refreshing state of affairs said:

@Children 9:49am - couldn't agree more. I doubt most have even taken the time to consider the judging make up at B&T is not peer led, which is possibly why we're starting to see more refreshing winners. Winners that have clearly demonstrated many aspects to growth and success other than just metal won with the help of bottomless award budget pits that the larger - and arguably more fancied - agencies have.

Well done to all - fancied or un fancied - and particularly the newer mobs at Pusher, Cummins Ross and Analog Folk. Obviously doing something right!

Flawed said:

Congrats to all winners. The truth is, that when it comes to the work, Cummins Ross are nowhere near Patts Melb or Clemenger Melb. But in terms of business growth, they clearly had a good story to tell.

Rees said:

I agree. But am I the only one here that sees the irony in hero-ing one set of awards by decreeing that other awards are bad?
As an industry, why do we place so much equity and effort into awards - whether they're creative awards, trade press awards or otherwise?
I wonder if Larry Page sits around wondering if he has the title of 'best search engine' and a shiny gong to show for it? I suspect he's happier just knowing he wiped the floor with everyone else's arse. He doesn't need others to tell him his company's good.

Maybe advertising people just weren't loved as children?

@flawed said:

I think you hit the nail on the head.
As I see it:
CumminsRoss is far from the most creative agency in Melbourne.
But they win lots of new business.
And Sean is a consummate salesman and showman both when it comes to winning new clients, entering agency of the year competitions, and convincing his current staff that his agency is the centre of the universe and they would hate to be working anywhere else (I speak from experience on the last point!).

My 2 cents said:

It's not about creativity. No, not this award. I think Lynchy likes posting this because it highlights the joke of the creativity aspect. This Award is about the presentation of all things business. If my memory serves me correctly, the agencies also present it to a panel (which is made up by a lot of clients that really "don't" get creativity in it's best practice form.
And I'm cool with that.
Who wants it to be the same things as Campaign Brief agency of the year? It would just go to the same people.
I find it amusing that there are so many people that like heaping shit on Cummins. I've worked for him in the past and I don't think after this second time around you can doubt Sean's ability to create big businesses. 70 people in 22 months is impressive. He's done that faster the second time around. And also winning a Cannes lion is something they can be proud of. When I worked at Cummins they won Best of Show at the MADC after about a year. Sean when he's serious about it can work miracles out of sheer will. If you can remember, His last agency Cummins Nitro produced the most awarded campaign in advertising history. And I know, I know, it wasn't him... Well, he had his name on the door and if it wasn't him, he sure as hell knew who to hire to produce a result like that. And out of a shitty little advertising hole in Brisbane.
I kinda feel more cheated about Whybins winning. And I think the boys would feel slightly embarrassed by it as I'm sure they'd be the first ones to say they haven't really nailed it. But you spend enough time in this business you start to understand that it's not a race, it's a marathon. (Something Sean also taught me.) Good luck to all. Matty and Dave are legends and I'm just waiting to see what they can muster in the next couple of years.

To end said:

Jealousy makes you ugly.
Cumminsross was the best on the night.
Winning awards for scam ads doesn't count, anyone can do that.
Selling in and producing effective and creative work is where its at.
I hear half the staff are from either Patts or Clems with many more knocking on the door daily. Watch out network agencies, the small independents only get stronger.

Well done cumminsross, keep up the good work.

Hmmmm two cents said:

I don't know what qualifies as nailed it in your opinion, however here are a couple of things I've noticed about whybins in the last little while.
They won ADMA agency of the year and I was there on the night, they must of picked up at least 15 bits of metal for all kinds of stuff, yes NRMA was up there but they won for a whole bunch of other clients I remember.
Cannes they got stuff I remember and I think Spikes too.
That's just the award stuff I can remember I'm sure they have a good business story although I do t know what that is.

6.43 PM said:

Matty and Dave didn't look too embarrassed yesterday. And Bradders had his chest out as usual!
We had an all staff meeting and they put the 5 different awards from the night on our over crowded reception desk.
As someone who works there I can say we have had he best year in the agency's history - by far. And on a personal note I've never won more awards in my career.
It's never won gold at Cannes before. It's never been this big as an agency. We have a new client pretty much every month at the moment and most of it without a pitch.
There's good work everywhere and great people.
It just needs a bit more beer in the bar as it always runs out on a Friday night.

Wish I worked there said:


The proof is in the... said:


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