Woolworths and News Limited offer advertising experience for the senses in mX Sydney

woolies.jpgNews Limited and Woolworths have partnered to launch a series of scented advertisements being rolled out this week.

In today's mX Sydney, a full page Woolworths ad, created by Droga5 Sydney, will be scented a strawberries and cream flavour to promote Woolworths' activation of a strawberries and cream scented wall at Sydney's Town Hall.

In mX Sydney's annual Christmas issue on Wednesday, a full page Woolworths ad will carry a Christmas cake scent to encourage shoppers to purchase their Christmas ingredients from the grocery store.

Says Neil Robinson, general manager sales - News Australia Sales: "At News, we continually work toward producing the most innovative and creative campaigns for our customers.
"With Woolworths, we are showcasing another new dimension to advertising in print as well as a new multi sensory experience for consumers, which can only aid impact and recall."

Woolworths worked closely with News' production team and Reed Pacific Media to create the scents that will appear in mX this week using NewsScent Technology.

Says Doug McNamee, marketing manager at Reed Pacific Media: "Reed Pacific Media's NewsScent technology gives unprecedented scent performance on newsprint which will revolutionise the use of print media in Australia and add a dynamic element for advertisers. RPM is extremely excited to have partnered with News and Woolworths to bring this to the market."

Says Robinson: "There is huge scope and flexibility in print advertising and we are thrilled to be partnering with Woolworths for this fantastic, innovative campaign."


Awesome! said:

Droga's gearing up for their second awesome award season in a row.

Watch out Cannes!

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