Airbag Productions launches Airbag Labs

airbag labs.jpgAirbag Productions has lift off with its new creative arm, 'Airbag Labs', inviting more edgy, tech-infused digital projects to its well established commercial production house.

Says Steven Nicholson, chief creative technologist: "We love combining technology with pure creativity. We're inventive and energetic, a next-generation production house with geekery flowing out of our digital paws. We wanted to create a home for this digital innovation, and this was the genesis for Airbag Labs."

To discuss ideas, contact Victoria Conners-Bell via email here.
"We explore all manner of talent and challenge traditional crossroads where creativity meets technology."

So far, Airbag Labs has produced web films, apps, motion graphics, art installations, live events and experiential engagements.

Says Nicholson: "Really, we're open to unconventional audiences. I'm most inspired about some work we currently have in the pipeline. We're creating some unique experiences at the moment, which really push against the limits of technology in surprising ways. Basically, we love different."

Airbag Labs employs creative technologists to explore the boundaries of possibilities, and can draw upon Airbag Production's roster of award winning directors, and CanopyVFX's visual effects prowess, to help communicate this experience to an audience.

To read about some of Airbag Lab's work on the Melbourne Arts Centre Hamer Hall launch, and the ambitious, heartwarming Care Aware projects, click here.


K.S said:

Great modern production house and nice guys too. Congrats!

JM said:

Airbag: top people, top talent.

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