Australian oceans scared fishless by retailer BCF in new print campaign via SapientNitro Brisbane

BCF Scared Fish_1.jpg BCF via Sapient Nitro Brisbane has struck fear into the hearts of fish with a cheeky retail campaign delivered to entice Aussie fishermen back into the water.

After successful DM and eDM pieces, the campaign will extend through 2013 with in-store POS and placement in fishing enthusiast magazines.


Category: Entertainment & leisure
Client: BCF
Agency: SapientNitro
Creative Director: Ralph Barnett
Art Director: Sarah Chernishov
Copywriter: Jon Pickersgill
Retoucher: Derek Leong
Agency Producer: Melissa Ashman
Photographer: Erik Williamson
Account team: Cassie Pointer & Glenn Price

BCF Scared Fish_3.jpg


bill said:

are those fish scared yeah?

First word 'under-performing' said:

I sucked a lot of hook to get where I am...

S. Pongebob said:

Smells fishy. Just in time for award season.

Harvey Norman said:


creative said:

beautifully executed.

Davy Jones said:

That's sexy retail.

Nuke said:

scary fish or scared fish?

Richard Denham said:

Not convinced.

Syd said:

Finally, captivating retail nailed without shouting. Well done

No inside voice said:

Nice simple idea executed well. I feel like fish n chips...

smells like fish said:

Thought sapient were preaching that print is dead - not very digital for a digital agency.

Suitably creative said:

The sophisticated retail ad is a rare species. An impactful idea, beautifully crafted.

Get your hand off it boys! said:

The sale you have when you don't want customers to know you're having a sale because that'd mean bigger type and pictures of the products on offer and actual price points which would be of great interest to fisherpeople looking to save money but fuck things up for the award-seeking retail-despising slitheres at Sapient Nitro who ought to spent some time serving in an actual shop talking to real customers and getting to know what makes them buy stuff before they get bigs wads of dosh to waste on indulgent nonsense like this. Beside, the fish don't look scared. Big time fail – but I'm sure the reverse-haircut carrot-top chino wearing hipsters at the next BAD award judging will give it Silver.

Role of the communication said:

Hey @Get your hand off it boys...

Not all Point of Sale posters/retail press ads have to have price points and bomb bursts.
Imagine these posters in BCF amongst all the other sale tickets and what not. They're role would be to create a brand impression, to build affinity in the way 'Mad Keen' or other fishing brands do.

And as print ads, placed in the right section of the right publication, they'll attract fishing enthusiasts more than retail bomb bursts. I think the idea is really lovely.

My only issue is that it's so subtle that I can hardly see it. They don't look scared in a way that is rewarding to the viewer IMHO. It's such a pity, because the beauty of the artwork would have been the perfect foil for a tangle of fish shit which is hardly visually off-putting or some fart bubbles. Something to make a fisherman chuckle a bit. Oh well :)

Hey 9.59am.. said:

Fuck off.

adcritic said:

Fish kinda look scared anyway, not sure this idea really works. Nice photography though.

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