Boxtcode launches marketing app in Tamworth

A_6aqcxCUAAxl3r.jpgOne hundred and twenty five years ago the streets of Tamworth were the first in the Southern Hemisphere to be illuminated by electric light. November 9, 1888 to be precise. In another technological first, Friday January 18th will mark the date that Tamworth becomes the first city to embrace the smartphone application Boxtcode - a location-based app that allows smartphone users to see or hear an advertised message and engage with it instantly on their phones. Think next generation QR Codes. Boxtcode is an Aussie innovation and quite possibly a world-first.

Set to become a powerful tool for marketers, Boxtcode's patent-pending location-based technology connects consumers with brands via a four digit code designed for use on smart phones.

Says Dean Hindman, Boxtcode MD: "Using the Boxtcode interface (downloaded by consumers as an iPhone or Android app), marketers will now be able to promote a four digit code specific to their promotion to consumers across any media platform - TV, print, radio, social or online.

"The code will open up a digital doorway to a mobile-optimised site providing instant, consumer driven engagement. The code can take a consumer to a specific website or deliver a coupon or offer direct to a smartphone and into the hands of the consumer."

Two local Tamworth organisations have been quick to seize the opportunity that Boxtcode brings.

Destination Tamworth will be using the technology to provide a high level of integration for visitors to this year's Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Says Kate Baker, coordinator for the festival says: "We looked at a lot of technology options for the festival, including QR codes, however Boxtcode was the only app that covered off everything we needed. We were looking for visitors to the festival to have instant access to information, competitions and coupons on their smartphones and Boxtcode was the only application that could do that for us."

Paul Ashcroft, principal at Ashcroft Property, believes that Boxtcode is set to revolutionise the way consumers interact with advertising.

Says Ashcroft: "It doesn't matter what medium we use - radio, television or print, buyers looking for a home will be able to get instant access to our properties on their smartphones.

"It really opens up the way we can communicate and interact with potential clients. I can see the little green B for Boxtcode spreading like wildfire. Ashcroft Property has been responsible for a number of firsts in the way real estate is sold and we're thrilled to be the first Real Estate agency in Australia to be using Boxtcode."

Boxtcode is also able to provide marketers with ROI metrics measuring the success of campaigns run across all media platforms - whether it's print in Newcastle, TV in Tamworth or radio in Perth.

The technology driving Boxtcode resolves the key limitation of QR Codes.

Says Ashcroft: "Instead of stopping the car, getting out and hovering your phone over a QR code, you can simply enter the four digits you see by typing them into your phone. If you forget the four digits, Boxtcode will find it. Plus, it's pretty hard for a consumer to download a QR code from a radio or television advertisement."

And it's definitely worth downloading the Boxtcode App and entering the code FANZ for the Tamworth Country Music Festival Fan Zone, for competitions and other great information available along with the major competition the chance to win a Toyota Corolla car.

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