launches new integrated campaign via VCCP Australia was officially launched to the nation yesterday with its first advertising campaign, 'We Love to Compare' via creative agency VCCP Australia, which formed in September last year.

New to Australia, this comparison website is sure to make its mark down-under after already enjoying huge success as one of the most recognised brands in the UK.

WATCH ONLINE FILM allows customers to compare everyday essentials from a number of providers, giving them the freedom to make an informed decision about what is best for their individual needs.

Initial items available for comparison on include, health, travel and
car insurance NkbA8S-0c-0kNyka72-kUczcbcETrFIh0smPdxXh0x4.jpgand fuel. is an Aussie company so it will be comparing the products and services that Aussies want to see.

Further details will be announced soon from Other agencies include Zenith Optimedia and thrive pr + communications.


reg said:

should have stuck with meerkats, far more entertaining with massive cut through.

No comparison said:

The UK brand was build on great advertising. This doesn't compare.

aww said:

Meerkat opportunity missed :(

Think about it said:

Think about it.

They need to educate Australian's about what a comparing website does... then make the name famous with comparethemeerkat.

Read a book.

Smallprint said:

How come "Compare the Market." is in big letters at the top and "We do not feature all products in the market" is in tiny letters at the bottom? No wonder the entire success of the brand in the UK is based on a malapropism that enables them to hide such obviously weasel words behind a meerkat.

Doug watson said:

Once again a launch that claims a place in the market. I now know what they do. I remember the name. Much more effective than the fat guy abusing his staff in a mega expensive current campaign for a brand I don't remember.

Aleksandr The Meerkat said:

Wow. So underwhelming. The Meerkats could have had so much fun immigrating down here. After ridiculous success in the UK - multiple effective campaigns, toys, books, games - why the hell have they been left out? Is this another indication of Australia being a conservative market?

Can't blame them... said:

Everyone wants their own stamp on something.

But Jaysus, it should be better than the Meerkats or they should just run with the Meerkats.


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