JWT's 100 things to watch in 2013

JWT.jpgJWT has released its annual list of 100 Things to Watch for the year ahead.

"Our list spotlights developments that are bubbling up across sectors, including travel, technology, food, retail and sustainability," says Ann Mack, director of trendspotting at JWT.

"It also reflects broader shifts that we're forecasting for the year ahead, including the rise in Peer Power, Predictive Personalization and Intelligent Objects."

Many of JWT's Things to Watch are technology-centric, including the proliferation of "appcessories," digital ecosystems, flexible screens and responsive Web design. The list also includes new foods or ingredients to watch (faux meat, teff), new types of goods or businesses (quiet products, shopping hotels), new behaviors (mindful living, privacy etiquette) and ideas with the potential to ladder up to bigger trends.
JWT's 100 Things to Watch in 2013, unranked and in alphabetical order (descriptions of each can be found in the "2013 and beyond" section of JWTIntelligence.com):
    •    3D Bioprinting
    •    Adult Playgrounds
    •    African Tech Stars
    •    Allergen-Free
    •    Alternative Brand Currencies
    •    Ambushed by Amazon
    •    Appcessories
    •    The Arabic Web
    •    B2C/P2P Partnerships
    •     Bee Venom
    •     Biometric Authentication
    •     Blocking Social Media Bores
    •     Chia Seeds
    •     Click-and-Collect Shopping
    •    "Cloaking"
    •     Coaching Brands
    •     Cool Techie Camps
    •     Crowdsourced Translation
    •     Cutting out the Middleman
    •     Cyber War
    •     Dads in the Aisles
    •     Data Scientists: The New Hotshots
    •     Decline of Chinese Bling
    •     Desalination
    •     Detoxifying Life
    •     Digital Ecosystems
    •     Drones
    •     ecoATM
    •     Egg Freezing
    •     Emotion Recognition
    •     The End of Voicemail
    •     Faux Meat
    •     Fitness Beyond the Gym
    •     Flexible Screens
    •     Food Sharing
    •     Frontier Markets
    •     G20 Devolves to G-Zero
    •     Gender-Blurred Toys
    •     Geofencing
    •     Green Growth
    •     Handwriting = Hieroglyphics
    •     Hotels in Africa
    •     Human-Centered Tech
    •     Humane Food
    •     Hyper-Personalized Customer Service
    •     Impact Sourcing
    •     Imperfection
    •     Individual Attention
    •     Instant-Erase Apps
    •     JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out)
    •     Live-Streaming Life
    •     Low-Cost Robots
    •     Low-Tech Device Charging
    •     Media That Gets to Know You
    •     Medical Smartphones
    •     Menu-Free Dining
    •     Midcalorie Foods
    •     Mindful Living
    •     Mobile-Optimized Goes Mainstream
    •     MOOC Stars
    •     Nature As Antidote
    •     Neurotechnology
    •     New Digital Royalty
    •     News Bites
    •     NFC Tags
    •     Objects With Attitude
    •     Offset Thinking
    •     Online Groceries
    •     Paperless Education
    •     Passwords 2.0
    •     Patchwork Earnings
    •     Personal Data Ownership
    •     Prime Time for Second Screen
    •     Privacy Etiquette
    •     Quiet Products
    •     Reduced-Guilt Candy
    •     Responsive Web Design
    •     Retailers Enable Recycling
    •     River Cruising
    •     Self-Service
    •     Serialized Digital Fiction
    •     Set Jetting
    •     Shopping Hotels
    •     Social Media Hacks
    •     Standup Desks
    •     Stress-Monitoring Apps
    •     Sugru
    •     Tablet Shopping
    •     Tech-Enabled Farm-to-Fork
    •     Teff
    •     Trade School
    •     Trust Ratings
    •     User-Based Insurance
    •     Variable Pricing
    •     Vegetable Boxes
    •     Vertical Farming
    •     Video Games As Art
    •     Window Shopping
    •     Wireless Charging
100.  Yogurt Shops

This is the seventh year JWT is publishing such a list, a complement to JWT's annual 10 Trends forecast. Some of the things JWT has spotlighted in the past include Crowdsourced Learning, Gen Z and Smart Clothing (in 2012); P-to-P Car Sharing, YouTube the Broadcaster and The Nail Polish Economy (in 2011); Mobile Money, Coconut Water and Bacon Everywhere (in 2010); Lady Gaga, Crowdfunding, WikiLeaks and Gluten-Free (in 2009); Radical Transparency and Staycations (in 2008); and Barack Obama, Jennifer Hudson, Companies Going Green and Age Shuffling (in 2007).


Noted said:

Interesting that it doesn't list JWT as something to watch.

I mean a company that goes to all that trouble to list things to look out for, surely that must be worthy of being on a list that we should be looking out for?

I wonder if they went to the trouble of listing the 100 best pieces of communication from around the JWT network from last year.

That would be a very interesting list. Particularly after you got past say, number 9 or so.

Crumpy face said:

Come on 'Noted' really? Already?
Didn't Santa let you sit on his lap this Christmas?

Adam Ferrier said:

Hi noted I just want to say why bother with the negative comment? The JWT list is actually really interesting reading, and they get loads of PR out of it. It works well for them, and gives us some interesting content to read.

unwow said:

Are we to be impressed by simply listing 100 things that are already happening on a small scale, that already have existing information and interest?
Of course a percentage of those are bound to become a bigger trend!

TF said:

it short be called 'The short cut list for the clueless'

TF said:

it short be called 'The short cut list for the clueless'

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