Kia targets 'The Man of Now' and 'The Woman of Now' in new campaign via Innocean Australia

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 3.48.38 PM.jpgScreen shot 2013-01-14 at 3.49.22 PM.jpgKia Australia has launched its first local Brand Campaign.

Created by Innocean Australia, the campaign comprises two 45 second spots that will launch exclusively during the 2013 Australian Open - a property that Kia has proudly sponsored since 2002.



Blandarama said:

Here's what these spots wanted to be, but aren't:

amazeballs said:

Pursuant to my new year's resolution I'm trying to say positive things about any work I comment on here. No comment.

I'm just a teenage dirt bag said:

so, the planner was the copywriter...

Errrrr... said:


Hmm said:

Yep nah.

AD said:

Can someone please post the credits?

Shit... said:

It'a a step by step executional rip off of that Oak spot from Blandarama

The people who deserve a big pat on the back said:

Client – Kia Motors Australia
National Marketing Manager, Steve Watt
Brand and Advertising Manager, Gerrit Walters

Agency – Innocean Worldwide Australia
Creative Director – Scott Lambert
Copywriter – Yanni Pounartzis, Michael Linke
Art Director – Mike Lind, Andrew Ostram
Head of Broadcast – Tania Templeton
Planning Director – Kathy O’Connor
Group Business Director – Simon Hornery
Business Director – Janine Allan

Production Company – Robber’s Dog
Director – Adam Stevens
Producer – Mark Foster
Executive Producer- Mark Foster
DOP – John Toon
Editor – Michael Lonsdale
Online – The Editors
Audio Post Production – Song Zu
Composer – Anthony Partos – Sonar

Media Planning & Buying – Initiative Media

George said:

Technojargon gag was good 10 years ago...

Just a Kia said:

Much ado about very little.

It builds up expectation that there will be a powerful finish, that it's all leading to something really good, really profound... but then... it's just a Kia.

Unfortunate said:

I think the creatives would agree that they looked at the 'consumer profile' section of the brief, jazzed it up a bit and shot it.

'Jess is a woman who likes to text, is confident in who she is but may get a ladder in her stockings...'

Won't shift any goalposts, hope it doesn't shift cars so agencies and clients stop justifying this kind of 'blanding' that pervades our smsing twitter-dressing unconfessing bullshit.

American Agency said:

The casting is great ! Who was the casting director ?

Offended said:

If someone talked down to me in the street like this ad does, i would be pretty offended. Horrible performance of a bland boring script. God help us all.

Old CD Guy said:

I'm not sure that being a 'man or woman of now' is at all a desirable attribute; They're shallow,stupid, pampered, pretentious and with the attention span of a...oh, that looks interesting.

This is from the 'theres nothing to say about the product, so let's talk about the consumer' school of 5 minute strategic thinking.

Shame said:

I not only don't like the performance, I also dislike the actors and, as a result, the product.

MM said:

What a great idea: make your customer look like an absolute tosser!

Jacob's Creek said:

I have to say, somewhere in these spots there was a good intention.

But the achingly appalling casting and performance has delivered a smarmy piece of self-indulgent heart ache for every unfortunate sombitch who sits down to watch the tube, dinner on lap, tin in hand.

If I met that dude (from the ad) in the street, I'd be happy to do time for caving his head in with a plastic spoon.

All good.

More car please said:

I just want to see the car... not some guy or chick telling me how awesome they are !
Kia have to much money to spend obviously.

R.I.P said:

11:45, you've nailed it, they've failed it, ought to be jailed for it.

@More Car Please said:

Clearly not a copywriter LOL

Ancient said:

I remember when Linke did strong, simple ideas.

Jacob said:

Unfortunate that they needed to rip off George Carlin to create a decent campaign.

Mick Hunter said:

I just saw it on the telly.

The terrible strategy is there for all to see.

That's what happens when men try and get into the heads and not the knickers of women.

You've made the horrible amateur mistake of talking to the Gail Kelley's of Australia rather than the Kelly Gail's.

AngusMcBeef said:

In the 'Woman of now' her tits are going wild.

NewZealander said:

Nice to see the Kia Australia ad is filmed in Wellington New Zealand

don't usually but... said:

I absolutely loathe the woman......but to be sure I checked with 3 female colleagues of varying ages.....all of whom had far worse things to say. How on earth did Kia (is that what it's for?) or the agency look at the offline and think yep it's great let's go with it? Beyond cringe worthy it's downright horribly irritating.

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