McDonald's embraces nickname ahead of Aussie Day in integrated campaign via DDB Australia

FINALMcDonalds_DLPhotography_080113_0408_1MB_edit.jpgMcDonald's and DDB Australia have today launched the final installment of an integrated campaign created to celebrate Australia Day at McDonald's and launch the new Aussie tastes menu.

The campaign centres on celebrating McDonald's Aussie nickname - Macca's, culminating in the changing of the famous Golden Arches McDonald's signage to 'Macca's' at select restaurants across Australia. The campaign brings the idea to life through TV, digital, print, outdoor, PR and social media executions.

sign.jpgSays Cam Hoelter, DDB Australia creative director: "Being given a nickname in Australia is one of the ultimate compliments, so when we were asked to create a campaign for Australia Day, we thought why not celebrate this by not only acknowledging the nicknames Aussies give each build1.jpgother, but also the one Australia has given McDonald's - Macca's.

"From the smallest crew member name tags, to national TVCs, right up to physically renaming the famous Golden Arches signs right around the country to 'Macca's', this idea runs fluently across all touch points and is truly unique to McDonald's in cricket.jpgAustralia."

Says Mark Lollback, McDonald's Australia, chief marketing officer: "We are thrilled with this integrated response from DDB Group, not only does it successfully showcase our Aussie tastes range, it also celebrates our place in the Australian community, including fish.jpgour 'Aussie-only' nickname - Macca's. It's great to be able to achieve this in one seamless campaign that runs across PR, social media, TV, digital, print and outdoor touch points.

"We've been a part of Australia for over 40 years now and we're incredibly proud to embrace the nickname Australians have given us. What better way to show Aussies how proud we are to be a part of the Australian community than incorporate the name the community has given us across all our channels, even our signs?"

Stores around Australia will be changing signage this week as part of Australia Day celebrations. McDonald's signage will return to each site from February 4th 2013.

McDonald's Australia:
Chief Marketing Officer: Mark Lollback
Vice President Marketing: Madeleine Fitpatrick
Marketing Manager: Zipporah Allen
Senior Brand & Strategy Manager: Paul Pontello
Media Relations Manager: Skye Oxenham

DDB Group:
Executive Creative Director: Dylan Harrison, DDB
Creative Directors: Cam Hoelter and Richard Morgan, DDB
Creative Team: Adam Ledbury and Guy Lemberg, DDB
Managing Partner: Richard Morewood, DDB
Planning Director: David Chriswick, DDB
Senior Business Director: Sara Tomonari, DDB
Senior Business Manager: Melinda Parris, DDB
Head of Media Relations Strategy: Tina Alldis, Mango Sydney
Media Relations Team: James Duffy and Chelsea Lamond, Mango Sydney
Agency Producer: Amy Hansen, DDB
Designer: Domenic Bartolo, DDB

Director: Scott Pickett
Producer: Nick Simkins
Production House: Jungle Boys
Post Production: Cutting Edge
Music: Song Zu
Media: OMD
Media Relations: PPR Sydney, Mango Melbourne, Rowland, Hughes PR and PPR Perth
Signage: Coates Signco


Old CD Guy said:

Top work Adam and Guy!

Marrianne said:

On ya Guy!

Union Jack said:

Why is it whenever an ad from the UK is made for over here, it is made incrementally worse?

There was the Bonnie Tyler one, the other MasterCard ad for swipe and go...

The real Old CD Guy said:

Hideous, grotesque, cringeworthy. To the imposter posing as me, piss off, sonny.

Groucho said:

With 19 people on the credits why don't we hear most of them screaming " get my name away from this steaming pile?"

And don't you hate it when McD claim Australian citizenship?

pig said:

highlight of the spot was the female copper

big daddy said:

Quite like the idea. Looks pretty good. The voiceover and a couple of dumb lines kind of killed it.

First time caller said:

Getting a giant American corporation to change its name is a major achievement. I assume the stock standard TV ad was cannon fodder to get the signs made. Nice work people. Now if only KFC would change its name to 'the dirty bird'.

True blue fair dinkum Aussie koala battler said:

I'm lovin' the idea and bravery of changing the name to Macca's for a while, but the poem is too much for me.

It's like the Simpson's take on Australia, too many cliches piled on top of each other. Except of course the Simpsons were funny.

Smell the Pickles said:

Please. The TVC means nothing to the creative team. They couldn't care less about it. All they care about is the changing of the name and the case study that says something along the lines of "We did something that had never been done before".

And good on them. The PR generated by this simple, clever idea will surely result in some metal. And deservedly so.

questionable said:

I dont mind it.
Do they call it Micky D's in the UK rather than Maccas? Just asking.

Clam McBeard said:

The UK piss-take is even better:

bob said:

Well done. A winner for you

Alf Stewart said:

To those citing plagiarism from the UK spot: A rhyme combined with a restaurant montage doth not a copy make.

Convict scum said:

Why is it when people from the UK rip off Aussies always manage to make it far more miserable than it needs to be?

Original inspiration for UK advert:

Original inspiration for Aussie advert: 'Let's change the name of McDonald's to Macca's for Australia Day'. Screw what the TV ad is.

Back to yer britches warm ale fans.

Slavic Janitor said:

I like it. It's a simple, big idea. But then again, what do I know, I'm a fish.

Adam F said:

Im lovin it. Seriously cool idea.

Waltzing McTilda said:

By all means, let's praise those among us who've seen fit to wrap their international client in our flag in order to sell a few more containers of shite to those who can't afford decent tucker.

Let's celebrate the selling of our culture, our strine, our individuality to the multinational symbol of bad nutrition, and obesity.

Hey, if the lamb industry can prostitute our national holiday to sell it's product year after tedious Sam K year, then why can't we join the party with some really bad burgers.

Throw some beetroot on the suckers, change the sign fair dinkum, there's a clever bunch of lads, and we're off to poison the suburbs.

Happy Australier Day, Mate!

Le Big Mac said:

Let's be honest, his should clean up.

And deservedly because of its scale and the fact that it's actually happening.

I'm sure a tonne of people have had this thought, but this time it actually got made.

And that's all that counts.

Double tick said:

My Mum and Dad and cousins love the TVC. Tick.

Creative folk seem to like the PR/outdoor idea. Tick.

Nice work all round.

@Double Tick said:

If your Mum and Dad love the tvc, they probably are cousins.

'Creative folk', as you so quaintly refer to them, wouldn't get anywhere near a Macca's ad. At least if they did, they wouldn't put their names to it.

Maybe you should check yourself for ticks. We hear they produce a delusional fever.

Double Mac D's said:

Name change win.
TVC ad? Punters won't care and it does the job - rip off or not.
Its the name change thats a winner.

Attention to detail said:

At least use the right font.

@ Waltzing McTilda said:

You work in advertising, mate. Get over it.

Bearded Pseudonym said:

Union Jack, google 'King of Caractacus', then 'foot in mouth', and finally 'SYD to LHR one way'. I hear they rip off Australian beer there and make it incrementally worse, but it sells by the bucket-load and gives them something to gripe about other than the weather.

@ said:

Wow, it took 25 posts to get the 'this is advertising and we're morally bankrupt so get over it' comment.

Change is in the air. Can you feel it?

Numbers man said:

Hardly big scale, 13 stores out of how many? It's like a normal client running a small space ad in the Manly Daily...

Scarrianne said:

Gotta luv a bog standard poem to hook the punters, or really anything that rhymes would be more like it.

NRL moms, Fast food Australiana, whatever heartwarming hokum ya got, eh?

Jimbo said:

There's losers and dickheads and suckers
And only one place that full of the f**kers...

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