New Caledonia airline Aircalin launches three new in-flight videos via Digital Pulse and Interact

How to use the IFE Video.jpgAustralian production company Digital Pulse has used its award winning talent and expertise to collaborate on the production of three animated in-flight videos for New Caledonia's flagship airline Aircalin.


Digital Pulse was commissioned for the project by Interact, a global in-flight entertainment company dedicated to creative programming and custom productions.
Aircalin Safety Video.jpgSays Michaela Bolzan, Interact's creative director."Digital Pulse's brief was to work with us on a series of instructional videos and a safety illustration card for the airline's A330 retrofitted aircraft, featuring new lie-flat Business Class seats and Panasonic entertainment systems throughout the cabins.

"Digital Pulse designed and brought to life a range of engaging animated characters full of colour and warmth and helped us deliver vibrant products that thrilled our client. The result is a testament to Digital Pulse's animation capabilities."

The three in-flight videos cover the airline's safety procedures, showcase Aircalin's new business-class facilities and demonstrate use of the in-flight entertainment system.

Says Brett Heil, Digital Pulse managing director "Creating the 15 minutes of 3D animation content was an exciting exercise for our team of amazing animators. They worked tirelessly and proved that our 3D animation capabilities backed by our technology enables us to deliver animation of this duration and quality.

"Everyone at Digital Pulse loved working with the Aircalin brand's hibiscus logo and gorgeous bright colours. Working to inject the New Caledonian people's warm spirit into the animated productions was also a lot of fun. We're proud to have produced a set of videos which are sure to be widely enjoyed.


The Analog Man said:

Thumbs up Bretto. These are brill!

Pierre said:

Vous ĂȘtes fantastique! Bravo Digital Pulse! Another beautiful job for Aircalin.

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