"Things flow better with Artline" in latest campaign for Pelikan Artline via Little Giants

Screen shot 2013-01-19 at 9.49.08 AM.jpg"Things flow better with Artline" is the message in this new integated campaign via Little Giants, the Sydney creative shop formed in January last year by veteran creatives Jason Ross (ex head of copy at JWT Sydney) and Paul Bennell (ex group head at BWM Sydney).

The TV spot was directed by Tina Bull via Luscious International.

print.still.jpgThe campaign brings Artline's range of pens to life in a simple and inspiring live action/design piece.

Says Bull: "My aim was to try and create all of our rooms in-camera, with an old school, low-fi approach, we painted and outlined everything from calculators to surfboards, then placing them as ARTLINE_PRINTFRAME.jpgordinary props into its environment. This created an interesting play with the vision, where you initially think things are 2D drawings but they actual exist in the 3D world with real shadows and perspective."

Production Company: Luscious International
Director: Tina Bull
Producer: Tim Berriman
Executive Producer: Andrew Morris
Agency: Little Giants
Creative Directors: Jason Ross & Paul Bennell


The dude said:


NO said:

the better ideas flew.

Ho Hum said:

Not exactly a Furby-strength idea, is it?

@Ho Hum said:

Is that you Jay? It was almost a decade ago now, let it go.

huh said:

i thought this was a GPYR account?

Nuke said:

The Patts stuff underneath on Best Ads is way better than this....

Credit thief said:

I see a lot of agency credits but no information about the people who posted/animated it for you. Concepts are a dime a dozen, it's the execution that matters. Stop ripping off designers and VFX artists.

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