Vodafone recruits Joel Madden for new 'Party like a rock star' integrated promo via Ogilvy Sydney

Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 3.59.01 PM.jpgOgilvy Sydney has launched a new 'Party like a rock star' promo for Vodafone, featuring Joel Madden.

The offer: Recharge on Vodafone prepaid, enter your details online for a chance to score a double invite to the Madden's housewarming party.


Concept: Bohemia
Production and Creative: MCM Media
Creative Direction: Ogilvy Sydney
In Store Design: Moon
Communication Strategy: Bohemia
Media Buying: Ikon
Digital: Igloo


??? said:

did they shoot this in between KFC takes?

Genius! said:

One spokesperson for all the Ogilvy accounts? This is creative efficiency at its best. Conveniently matching brand colours too. Perhaps Coke could be next?

someonenew said:

c'mon ogilvy, you used the madden boys for KFC, now wheeling them out for Vodafone...seriously guys, this is bottom shelf

who's getting lazy? said:

i like the direction the creative for this new KFC ad went, great work guys, pat your creatives on the back for this one.

hmm said:

This is what happens when you let media owners feed media agencies ideas. More often than not, absolute rubbish.

appalling said:

I saw this on TV and thought it was yet another stupid KFC ad.
Why are these American idiots selling stuff to Aussies? Surely, surely they're not that popular with the masses. Please kill me now.

Joel & Benji said:

We're on retainer.

Richard Denham said:

O&M - Ogilvy and Madden

Mobile chicken said:

Talk about milking the bugger!

Yodafone said:

They saw Doug Pitt and thought 'I know what we need... an American'.

Zero credibility said:

I reckon if there were any space left on Joel's heavily tattooed hide, you could buy advertising space.

What a shame said:

Almost the STW clean sweep. Better luck next time.

Though credit must be given to Bohemia for being credited twice on the one list. That's impressive.

i wish said:

It's the summer of Madden and Kekovich. Imagine if they had babies.

Bollocks said:

The bizarre and inexplicable thing is, he's such an annoying twat. To put him in one campaign could be considered ill-advised. But a second????

Joe Strummer's spinning corpse said:

Stop it.

Just stop it.

Nope. said:

Not even once.

I need help said:

who or what are bohemia and why are they telling Ogilvy what to do?

Cynic said:

Do you think they'll REALLY get to party like rock stars (coke off strippers tits etc?)

Or is that just the creatives' wish-fulfilment fantasy?)

Dave said:

Bohemia (and a lot of other companies) are telling Ogilvy what to do because Ogilvy's balls left the building when Singo left.

Whywhywhy said:

The worst thing is, (aside from the two for one KFC/Vodafone deal Ogilvy made) is that I saw each ad back to back. The only thing I could think to do to end the pain was to off myself with a disgusting piece of KFC. Even if someone called the ambos to try and revive me, if they're on the Vodafone network, the reception is so shit they'd never get through. Problem solved and I'd never have to endure another crap lazy Ogilvy execution again.

E said:

I wonder what they'll be serving at this party.

Re Dave said:

Bit unfair. The creative product has improved in the last few years, generally speaking of course. Coca Cola name can as example. This work isn't particularly strong, so maybe this has compelled you to be critical. I don't work for Ogilvy.

Abby said:

Benji & Joel have been my heroes since I was 10.. everyone should leave them alone - they have been approached to do these ad's. they don't choose when it is played on TV. it's so easy for you people to cut them down when they have extreme amounts of talent. find something else to rag on.

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