18 Feet & Rising, Sydney CD Derrick Kim, AKA 'SYP' launches 'The Journey of SYP' web series

syp.jpg18 Feet & Rising Sydney creative director, Derrick Kim AKA 'SYP' has launched his first episode of a new web series called 'The 왕신나는 Journey of SYP'.

Kim's PSY impersonation is a side project that started when his Facebook friends consistently reminded him that he looked like the global superstar.


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You can follow SYP on twitter @sexysyp


극 흡연자 said:

'king exciting!!

Maglia1853 said:

That burger has, 'No bread!'

lolz said:

Derrick being annoying and eating lots, method acting eh bro.

SHT said:

Well that was a load of rubbish

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