AWARD Awards tickets now on sale - event to be held on Thursday March 21 at Sydney Town Hall

imageaward.jpgTickets are now on sale for the AWARD Awards, part of the Circus Festival of Commercial Creativity, to be held on Thursday 21 March at Sydney Town Hall. The dress code for this event is cocktail.


Another excerpt from Pencils Equal Profits:

Award Travel
Sending staff to the AWARD ceremony, whilst seemingly expensive, is spare change compared to a European junket to Cannes (see opposite). Not to mention that as a general rule, the further your creatives travel the more likely they are to defect.

Award Night
Hire a bus for your staff, to save on cabcharges. Or organise a 'walk to AWARD for charity' event. Schedule client meetings for 4am the following morning. In saving here, it's the little things that count.
Did You Know?
The most expensive cab charge expense claimed in recent advertising history was by Sukh Odval, a junior creative who took a cab from Cannes back to his home town in Mongolia on an award ceremony night. It cost the agency 178,000,000 tugrik, or roughly 100,000 Euro. During the jounrey, he vomited in the cab 37 times, which incurred additional cleaning costs.


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