Coles Car Insurance drives prices down in new fully integrated national campaign via Big Red

2013.01.25 Coles Car Insurance 122376.jpgTonight, Coles, via agency Big Red, Melbourne, launches a brand new national creative campaign to promote Coles Car Insurance, introducing a national Price Beat Guarantee and to encourage Aussies to take out a 'little red quote'

By bringing the iconic Little Red Car to life through animation, the TVC choreographs the Coles Little Red Cars to an up-tempo jingle. The TVC will be in 45 second, a 30 second, and three 15 second versions, covering product features such as flybuys.

2013.01.25 Coles Car Insurance 122858.jpgThe Coles Marketing Team has developed a comprehensive, national campaign will include TVC, radio, outdoor, digital and consumer PR.

Says Simon McDowell, Coles group director, marketing: "We are passionate about building the Coles Big Red Hand to be the most famous symbol of value in Australia and have now turned our attention to the insurance industry. Australians are paying too much for insurance, so we are offering great quality product, combined with a Price Beat Guarantee and communicating it to
Australia with a bold and engaging campaign - in the unique Coles style."

To coincide with the release of the campaign, Coles is taking a convoy of their iconic Little Red Cars on an interstate road trip of their own. Departing Melbourne on Valentine's Day, the Little Red Road Trip will visit Melbourne and surrounds before taking in the sights of Bendigo, Albury and Wodonga as well as the nation's capital on their way to Sydney.

Partnering with Wesfarmers Insurance that has over 90 years of experience - Coles Car Insurance has been in the market for two years and is establishing a reputation for quality product, at the lowest prices.

Over the next few months, Australians will be urged to apply for a Little Red Quote and see just how much money they can save.

Creative and digital marketing: Big Red
Media: MBThree
Print: Whippet
Public Relations: Haystac


Malcolm McClaren said:

so much awesomeness today!

Giddy with anticipation said:

This should be interesting

Gladys said:

Love it. And so will the punters.

adman said:

They've done it again! annoying brilliance

Big Red Agency said:

Little Red Ad.

Great, now let's go to lunch.

Giddy with anticipation said:

This should be interesting

DownDowner said:

bloody hell, big red - just as i get down down out of my head!!!

Watch out.... said:

Hate it but it will work. Watch out NRMA/AAMI etc etc

Milk farmer said said:

Look out panel beaters, they're coming for you next.....

is my face red? said:

.teds should be ...but then guess the really big black bank balance says it all

Retching said:

The Big Red crusade to dumb down advertising and just give the client what they want continues. And we wonder why ad agencies are getting relegated to the role of suppliers...

Greatness said:

Bernbach will be twisting and turning in his grave. Yes, it will sell. But, at what price?

A Horton fan said:

This spot pales into insignificance beside 'Big Red Hands'. And it proves that for cut-through a client has to spend their money SOMEWHERE.

In Hands, they bought a track. An old and annoying track to be sure, but coupled with the super-simple hand icon the noticeability and the message were both clear.

This cheapy little effort lacks that cut through, and the little red car doesn't communicate 'cheaper' in anywhere near as simple a way.

By all means say 'Yes it will sell.' But I don't think so.

The Saga said:

The saga continues and there's only two players getting richer with this kind of ads: Ted Horton and Coles. The rest of us, well, are lot poorer for the experience. Complete and utter drivel.

TurtleTomo said:

No mention of the new Web site delivered by Reactive?

Wesfarmers shareholder said:

I hate it. But I love it.

Jack Sparrow said:

Well done for proving to clients that lame ass advertising can work just as well as brilliant thinking.

Curious said:

My mother-in-law who is 80 years and frail in bed is curious. Her question is how do the little red car goes? Does it have an engine in them and if so what type? Thank you.

Car guy said:

Based on an electric golf cart.

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