CUB's Carlton MID 'coincidentially' launches new TV commercials part of the 'Stay a little longer' campaign via Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

coincidence.jpgCUB and Clemenger BBDO Melbourne are launching their latest Carlton MID work, which will go to air on Sunday.

It's the next chapter in the long running and much loved  "Stay a little longer" campaign that reminds men to spend more time with their mates drinking Carlton MID.

wives.jpgThis latest work tells the story of a group of mates 'coincidentally' running into each other at a resort they've all taken their wives to, for some precious 'couple time'.
Coincidence was directed by Brian Aldrich and created by Ant Phillips and Richard Williams, the team responsible for the previous Carlton MID spots, 'Woman Whisperer' and "Speak Woman".
CUB general manager marketing, Andrew Meldrum, says there isn't a man in Australia who doesn't wish they could get more time with their mates.
Says Meldrum: "But it's getting tougher these days. Hopefully Australian blokes will appreciate our heroes' ingenious take on getting a bit more time with their mates."
The campaign will launch with 45 and 30 second spots, with additional 15 second spots to come later in the year. A Carlton MID branded website will also go live this week .
Chief Marketing Officer: Andy Gibson
General Manager of Marketing: Andrew Meldrum
Brand Manager: Kate McKenzie-McHarg
Assistant Brand Manager: Shencina Conway
Agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Creative Chairman: James McGrath
Executive Creative Director: Ant Keogh
Copywriter: Richard Williams
Art Director: Anthony Phillips
Senior Producer: Sevda Cemo
Managing Partner: Paul McMillan
Account Director: Nick Cohen
Senior Account Manager: Brendan Taylor
Planning Director: Michael Derepas
Planner: Matt Pearce
Production Company: Furlined /Finch Company
Director: Brian Aldrich
Production company: Furlined -Diane Mcarter - President; Finch - Cath Anderson/ Karen Bryson - Executive Producers; Edward Pontifex - Production House Producer.
Cinematographer: Jeremy Rouse
Production Designer: Enzo  Iacono
Offline editor: Jack Hutchings - The Butchery
Final Grade: Edel Rafferty - Method Studios
Online editor: Jon Holmes - The Refinery
Music Supervision: Karl Richter - Level Two Music
Sound Design - Flagstaff Studios - Paul Le Couteur


bill heslop said said:

Deidre Chambers. What a coincidence.

Freshness said:

Coincidentially, this idea has only been used many times before.

Male idiot said:

Like these a lot. Loving the growing body of work that points out to men that they are stupid/predictable/naive/gullible/self-obsessed/etc.

Would be interesting to see the outrage if women were portrayed like this.

Still, entertaining work.

chick flick said:

Love it.

Yawn said:

God dam this is an old ad gag.

How can we find another way to tick the misses and drink beer.

Get off it guys, it's a creative dead horse.

You should probably know this already but.. said:

For the slower ones, and there are a lot of you on this blog.

The strategy of helping blokes spend more time with the boys is old as Mose's crickly old nut sack.

The execution, which in this case is blokes planning to accidentally end up at the same resort, instead of spending a week discussing shite with the misses is new, and a funny fresh twist on a well worn strategy.

Well done clems melb, leading the way again.

Misplaced Apostrophe said:

Who's Mose, 8:24?

boom said:

Nice one 10.38, thanks for your input.

Wazza said:

Haha sucked in to their chicks! How dumb are chicks.

So many wound-up, bitter, white men. said:

This is funny and it will make some guys like their favourite beer some more.

This isn't my agency's work, but Holy Moses. Support other creatives, yo. This job is hard enough without being constantly ripped on.

Bad work, fair enough. But this is so far from bad work.

squiggle said:

The first one made me laugh - the other three weren't really necessary.

Compare said:

The above comments prove that Clemenger doesn't astroturf their own work.

Alex W said:

Don't know what ads you're all watching, but these are hilarious.

Spreading the positive vibes said:

Nice strategy, funny ads.
Beers all round.

meh said:

please put me down

irregular commentator said:

pretty attractive woman, getting into a little black dress, suggestively talking about oysters for dinner, and pudgy ugly husband would rather hang with his pudgy ugly mates instead?

massively homo if you ask me.

Really? said:

So is this a beer for gay men? Cause all these ads feature homosexual undertones and while there is nothing wrong with it, why don't they just drop the ladies from the ads and have these guys come out already.

beardbyassociation said:

@irregularcommentator, @really?

Kieren said:

who is the hot lady in the bikini

bltango said:

Agreed with the comments regarding homosexuality. Im not in the ad business, just a punter who watches tv, and my first thoughts were, why are these guys planning a gay orgy??

Happy said:

Does anyone know the names of the actors in the adverts?

Yorkie said:

You people have issues if you really think there is a hint of homosexuality in these ads. These are simple ads designed for a harmless chuckle appealing to the middle aged man who enjoys cheap shitty beer. Far too much analysis going on for such simple marketing! The women aren't even attractive no wonder they want to get away from them!

Really? said:

Sorry Yorkie.. but you not finding women attractive doesn't change the fact that these ads have gay undertones. They've currently started hanging around a whole nobody football team that enjoys weak beer.

Tuppence said:

These ads actually demonstrate our acceptance of domestic violence against men. The women are controlling to the point where the men have to make their arrangements in secret. Women spend time with their friends why shouldn't men.

go die Tuppence said:


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