CB Exclusive: Schweppes takes a mighty tumble in brand new blockbuster 'Schwepperverscence' spot via George Patterson Y&R Melbourne

schwe2.jpgCB Exclusive: George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne has created a brand new blockbuster 'Schweppervescence' spot for Schweppes featuring people taking heavy tumbles down some very steep hills.

The spot, which goes to air on Sunday night in an all channel roadblock, was directed by Steve Rogers from Revolver.



Some guy. said:


HubbleBubble said:

Now that's how you do big classy grown up advertising... Onya Ev.

lover not a hater said:

classy. and fun. Good combo.

Smitten said:

Fell for it the first time I saw it.

Huge said:


Mr ads said said:

Now that's an Ad!!!!


Fell for it the moment I saw it.

bill said:

i love that.

when he first stops and then flings himself over the edge again -


Fan said:


Captainshiraz said:

Chris great work man.

TOIA said:

The best director this country has ever seen !

Play It Again said:

Play it again! Great stuff!

Old school said:

I used to make ads that good once.

Steve said:

Just when I was about to throw in the towel on the ad game, this comes along. It's confident, smart, doesn't feel like an ad, great to watch and genuinely original. a+

Anne Miles said:

Nice one guys.

Not a fact, data, product demo, or device to be seen - it will work beautifully. Love it.

Dave said:

I'd give my right nut to work at that agency, or for that client, or with that director.

Bloody brilliant work!

lance armstrong said:

genuine great ad.
no dodgy entry videos

Drinker said:

I don't want to drink a Schweppes at the end of it.

lolz said:

Ok is that all the GPYR people? Finished?

I thought we we past the 'Wow, what's that guy doing, thats wacky, oh, hey there's another one doing the same wacky thing. And now there's even more. I wonder why?
Oh right it's because [insert product usage analogy] ."

It worked for 'Burst' because the thing that was happening was so closely linked to the moment of schweppervesence. But this doesn't have the same close link, and is a very very long way from Burst.

Ok. said:

Falling in the water yes I get. But tumbling down a snowy mountain, hillside and through trees would really hurt. I know when I wiped out once I felt bloody awful.

Spunk said:

Thats how you spunk money against a wall. Does nothing.

Big Fan said:

Better than any coke ad I have seen in this country for well, ages...

The only poster not from Patts said:

I read all those comments before watching the spot, and got hyped that I was going to see something really ace...

Tip? Don't build hype that can't be lived up to.

Don't listen to me said:

When Burst came out I thought it was exactly like Sony balls and imagined it would bomb in every award show, probably why I've never been on a jury. Can't say I've seen this before though.

cunt said:

Starts very, very very nicely but gets a tad boring. Over all pretty damn impressive. I also like Even, Ben and Chris too. They are goodish men.

Not convinced said:

That looks like a great place to go heli-skiing.

Jill said:

Friday arvo is a tough time to post work on here, the blog haters are usually at their most poisonous, but this is one of the rare ads that will rise above any desperate jealous rubbish. So beautifully simple and pleasurable to watch, it's a masterpiece.

Niel French said:

If I was dead, I would be rolling over in my grave. Because this thing gave me an ad boner.

squiggle said:

There is an art to masturbatory commenting on the blog. One Patts would do well to learn. Perhaps you should get Ben to review your comments before posting them.

Kate said:

What kind of looser reads the opinions of all the other bloggers before watching a piece of work. That's truly sad.

Not burst. said:

Is it great film? Sure it is. It looks like a big agency, big budget, big name director production. Impeccable in every sense. Does it say refreshment? Does it make you a little thirsty? Does it make you want a Schweppes? Does it really brings the Schweppes feeling to life the same way that 'Burst' did? No, No, No and definitely No. A very poor follow up. I'm still wondering how rolling down a dry-grass mountain and through twigs and shit is supposed to be Schweppervesce.

Bob said:

The first post is the most accurate. This all is all class. If only more ads were this entertaining, beautiful, original and marketing free.

Wonderful work, I'll happily watch it over and over again. Hope it is in Cinema, it will amaze audiences.

Hey dont listen to me said:

You have seen something like it if you remember the rolling Foxtel ad.

Not a hater said:

Great, confident, global, brand ad. Top marks.

Frank said:

The year is still new, but this will be one of the best when it's done. Great simple, beautiful idea. Super enjoyable to watch.

Bubbles. Lots of bubbles. said:

Farting in the water also produces air bubbles.
Glad they went with diving into a pond from a mountain.

Liv said:


Ummm said:

Seriously? This is not very good. Its definitely not rubbish but its not worth of the praise above.

Miracle said:

I was actually dead, but then I saw this ad and I miraculously came back to life and now I'm opening my own agency.

My God I love this. said:

My parents were killed by an advertising agency but then I saw this ad and I've decided advertising can actually be very entertaining after all.

LOVE said:

If you could bottle the joy this ad and the world could drink it there would be no more war!!!!

Religious said:

I believe they should amend the bible and add the storyboard of this ad.

Aussie said:

Beautifully simple, punters will love it. Hopefully this heralds a return to big, bold and beautiful spots. Not a QR code or website promo to be seen...

Ann said:

I think it's praise worthy, I love it. Great fun and genuinely entertaining.

Witch said:

There was a time when a man was burnt at the stake for making this kind of magic.

Older Ad man said:

I once dreamt of doing an ad like this but then I woke up, then I realised I was still in a dream, then I woke up again only to realise I was still in a dream only to wake up and realise I would never write an ad this good.

Ann said:

I think it's praise worthy, I love it.

## said:

Who could possibly find a way to dis this film. It's fantastic, fresh and great to watch.

lolz said:

Surely you're done now Patts? Anyone else?

Old CD Guy said:

What a piece of well-produced but ultimately empty twaddle this is. It's a John West ad. Or a contract-free phone ad. Or any of a dozen other things. 'Bob' at 3:12 put it so succinctly without realising it: 'it's marketing-free.' That's the problem. The praise this well-polished turd is getting here shows just how out of touch the current crop of trendoids in advertising ( or possibly at Patts) are. You have to do more than a big ad to do a good ad.

I don't work at Patts but... said:

People who work at Patts are all so talented and wonderful. And very very good looking.

tumblr said:

Such unbridled bliss over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and wait for it over again - and that's just the comments from those at Patts

Martin Bella said:

An indulgently well-crafted and ponderous way to a spurious pay-off.

The Idea said:

Where's the gag?

S said:

Great spot

Cannes prediction said:

Nobody else, anywhere in the world will bother entering any award show this year because this will win in every single category. Even the non-TV ones. Amazing.

Nice said:

I really like it. It does feel a little familiar, but fuck... It's hard to get a big brand spot out with no voiceover that is one simple, single idea.

The emotion of 'burst' was better for me, maybe it was the music.

But a good solid effort. Should do well in craft, shot beautifully.

return to a brand ad said:

Good work, to all involved.

Mr J.Hammer said:

I'm not gonna smash your fucking face today Evan. Good ad making.

Busted record said:

Last year it was "This is greatness" for the AFL. Now it's "This is Schweppervessence" for Schweppes.
Can't wait for "This is Army".

Jase said:

Old CD Guy,

Isn't the marketing in the Schweppervensence (or however you spell it)?

It's like Guiness.

The marketing is in the end line and the ads just bring that to life.

The brand already owns something so the marketing is already there.

Too many brands fuck that up by trying to reinvent themselves.

Mills said:

Suck a bag of dicks everyone else. Love.

Dave said:

It's got my vote. So freak'n hard to do ads that are like this. I will probably die before I get to make a tv ad that has no product, VO, pack shot, and a dozen fucked up marketing things slapped all over it. ANd i'm so jealous that others can get this kind of work up. That's why its got my vote.

& said:

A great film. Everything that most ads are not. It is entertaining, surprising, original, stunning to look at and some how says everything Schweppes would want.

ANT said:

A great spot, really great actually. More I watch it the more I like about it.

And it seems to be feeding the blog haters, so it must be good.

A. MAZE. ING! said:

God created the universe to bring us to this very moment. Could this be the best advertising EVER created. Wait, no, could this be the best CREATION ever created??

Yes. said:

Chris Northam's so hot right now. He lives in New York you know.
Evan Roberts is hot too he's got a beard.

ZZZ said:

Who's the 7.16 goose? What a dick.

Rrrr said:

When were they ever not hot?

Ad man said:

Can't work out what's not to like about this one. To me it's what ads are al about. Simple spectacular entertainment.

Catholic said:

I think this ad should be the next Pope.

WTF? said:

Are you all drunk?
I've got a 30 second attention span.
the public

Nice. said:

Nowhere near as good as this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIPlOInTo-Y

But I like it still.

Really? said:

Great ad for the industry but not for anyone else. Please.

Works at Patts said:

Godammit that's a handsome ad!

yeah but said:

Ok, here it is for the slow ones.

Showing a bunch of people doing something that has absolutely nothing to do with
the product, however beautifully shot that thing may be, is not a good ad.

Sony balls - colour like no other. See what they did?They made the previous 55 seconds of cool stuff and music relevant to a product benefit.

Guiness- good things come to those who wait. They did the same thing.

Burst - A moment of schwepperversance.

If you can't see why this isn't even close to the same league as the above or dozens of other tv spots that land a product benefit/attribute/something then you need to:

a) go do award school
b) fuck off and sell insurance

Because if you think this is good advertising you won't be around for long.

PS GPYR, you had an off day, it happens, cuddles xx

Hopeless said:

@yea but.... Thanks for sharing the formula for good advertising... Now everybody's going to know! Except of course anyone who doesn't follow that marketing dross and can elicit some emotion from their work. Cadbury Gorilla might be a start.

MK said:

Northo, I love your beautiful mind.

Cabbage said:

It's weird and for that reason I like it.

Old CD Guy said:

Jase @ 6.30PM;

It seems to me that marketing is defined by many on here as all the look-at-me, bolt-on try-hard things that try to sell too hard in a way that's not core to the essense of the product. The sort of marketing that's a bad thing.

I reckon marketing is simply making the person who sees your ad think "Gee, that's a great product, I want some." Not just "Gee, that's a great ad."

And it's woven so seamlessly and effortlessly into the ad you don't even realise you're hooked as you BUY THE PRODUCT.

Schweppes is a mature brand that doesn't need to sell its functional attributes. So all it has to do is sell a bit of magic around Schweppervessence in a sophisticated way.

I'm just not sure that this film does that. It just pretends to.

reality said:

Ah, you can just smell the sour grapes and jealousy, haters, it's time to get out of the industry, it has moved past you.

more reality said:

That's assuming any of these haters were even up to speed with good advertising once, lets not give them undue credit.

Mr Ads said:

Hey, I just saw an ad on the blog that is better than mine, I know, I'll try to bag it as much as I can because i'm sad it might beat my ad in an award show. Yeah, maybe if a few other sad people join in, we can get some important people in the industry to read our negative comments and think less of this ad. Great plan, with I had of thought of it earlier. Now I nearly feel good again. ALmost. Nup, I'm I'm still bitter and pissed off that I'm not very good at advertising. Oh well, maybe I'll go and drink a big cup of FUCK OFF.

SU said:

Don't always check the blog on a Saturday, but I'm very glad I did. Wonderful film.
Elevates the usually bad name advertising gets. Well done GPY&R again.

New CD Guy said:

Hey old CD guy, please go and die quietly in your little consultancy, the business went passed you and your view long ago.

Unless you call dribbling on in the blog a way of staying relevant.

Imagine said:

Imagine you didn't see it on the blog with a big headline and explanation first. It would really surprise you as you tried to work out who it;s for. It a bloody good piece of work.

Yoda5 said:

Opinions are great because we all have different ones. Except sheep who follow formulae.

@yeah but – what exactly is the "previous 55 seconds of cool stuff and music relevant to a product benefit" for the majority of the Carlton Draught work?

Cadbury Gorilla? Levi's Flat Eric?

Given what you've said I'm assuming you've had little time in the industry, so you have probably never seen many 'brand ads' except what was shown to you at AWARD school. That's ok, but there is more than one way to skin a brand. And if you don't like the ad, that's cool. That's your opinion, and I'll keep mine to myself.

BTW 'Good things come to those who wait' is not a benefit, it's a positioning that turns a weakness born out of the product into its strength. Or more colloquially, a fucking good strategic idea.

yes no yes no maybe said:

Punter will really embrace this ad...oh wait no they won't, they'll go, "what the fuck is this crap?" This is what is commonly known as ad creative bullshit.

Oh, and yeah yeah I've never made a good creative adin my life..blah blah blah.

yeah but said:

Yoda 5 aka dipshit

The carlton draught work is great. Every execution lands the strategy of taking the piss
out of beer ads that take themselves too seriously. Cadbury gorilla equates a moment of joy to eating the chocolate, not the strongest of links but at least there is one. Burst uses the metaphor of water balloons for a fizzy drink.
This ad shows a bunch of people rolling down a hill then landing in a lake. Tell me where the idea is and how it in any way relates back to the product. And I've had quite a bit of time in the industry actually, and judged plenty of shows along the way - in fact I've probably killed all the shit that you've entered because yu clearly have no idea what you're on about. You're welcome. And if I see this when I'm judging I can guarantee I won't be the only one on the panel who feels the same way.

Waste said:

What a waste of a brief, money and everyone's time.

Danny said:

this is rubbish.

bunch of people rolling down a hill. what really are we all doing.

wow. Im moved. Come on. get serious.

No bad said:

Some agressive fuckers on here. I liked it. Cheers for sharing.

Sheesh said:

Those people are nutso and the water looks freezing.

Hand off it said:

This is a great example of making ads that are intelligent and allow people to like them. Advertising is an entertainment medium, this entertains, then tells you why. It exactly what 99.9% of ads fail to do. An that is why people will like it and reward schweppes with a extra bottles I the shopping basket.

Hey 11.43pm said:

It's pretty sad that you are blogging bitterness and jealousy on an ad site at 11.43pm on a Friday. Just a little bit frustrated that you are a lonely looser with nothing better to do??

Unreal said:

Unreal! Love it. With I had it in my book.

Ted said:

Fantastic work. Engaging and perfectly on brand. Well done Patts.

Carlton drinker said:

Nice demonstration of how the product makes you feel. Ripe for parody tho :-)

Good stuff Northy.

Ha said:

Well if Ted likes it it must be good. Down down...going down the hill.

Leave my name when the thread reaches 100 said:


Happiness said:

This ad makes me feel good. Not as good as this cracking weekend weather has, but good nonetheless. Suggest some of you sad bastards go and get some fresh air and sunshine.

90% said:

Any ad on here that get 100 comments and a lot of haters is a gold for sure.

This one is really close!

Ben said:

The first 15 seconds were a brilliant ad for Cadbury (joy), the rest overkill and not right. A minute of rolling makes you sick, sore and dizzy.

None of it refreshing, nor linked to Schweppes.

Everything else was brilliant, but production values don't sell product.

Carlton Tingle said:

I got over 100 comments. Was I an award winning piece of creative genius?

col said:

nice one Fin. classy work Justin. jealous I am.

Oh said:

1. Everybody calm down. GPYR have done some good ads. Chris has done some good ads. This sadly, isn't one of them.
2. For god's sake, it's 'loser', not 'looser', you loser.

Person in the real world said:

Just saw this on the TV tonight. WOW!!!
Thought I'd be one of the first to blog congratulations, but it looks like I'm well beaten to it.
Absolutely stuck out and made my husband and kids ask me if my company did it. I wish I could say I had.
Great Jon guys.

Q said:

It was just on Elemental. It looked fantastic, worlds apart from all the other terrible ads. Not surprised to find out it was Coulson and team. Well done again Patts folk, you continue to make the ad business worth being in!

Rule Book said:

For a lot of you, it seems, this ad breaks the ad rules you were taught. This leaves you scratching your head as the rules made it easier to write your own ads and judge others. Then there are those of you who just enjoy the ride, the feeling. You just enjoy that a brand made you feel something and you thank them for it. I for one think the later. It's brilliant. A journey of carefree fun leading up to a big refreshing splash. Cue soft drink logo. Done.

Our industry would be in better shape if there were more ads like it.

Consumers don't have a copy of the ad rules. They want to feel and be entertained. I'm sure a lot of Cannes judges sitting in that dark room for a week want the same.

Industry, tear up the rule book. It will set you free.

Ss said:

Looked fantastic on TV last night!!!

Ed said:

Saw this ad on TV last night during Elementary (which isn't a bad show) and it absolutely rocked. Made all the other ads look stupid. Good stuff.

2 cents said:

so the part where theyre tumbling down the hills is an analogy for being thirsty / searching for the perfect/finding the right drink etc

the part where they hit the water is the end of the the above part, they find Schweppervescence

and then they got steve rogers to shoot the shit out of this simple thought and make it feel like cool mini feature film... maybe overkill...nonethe less pretty

pretty simple eh?

Dan said:

Great production quality, lovely execution.

Did it work, will it sell a lot more Schweppes? I don't think so.

They seemed to repurpose the Solo idea and execution for the master brand ad.

Good luck Schweppes.

Johnny be good said:

The 'new' big ad.

Marv said:

Nice one Snortho. Smiling all the way from NY I am sure.

burst said:

Perhaps we are all over-thinking this, both positively and negatively. I may be wrong (generally am), but didn't Burst receive the same sort of criticism upon launch (no big idea, just execution based, etc)?

Paul said:

I'm with Rule Book. Stop trying to categorise and criticise it and just enjoy it for what it is - a big, fun ride with a refreshing end. Good job you lot.

TSW said:

It's not bad, but it's not brilliant.
It's a shame when an agency feels it has to put up a wall of positivity to protect its work from the industry vultures, in saying that it looks like they ripped off the Solo barrel spot

Kinda good said:

I think the confusion around this ad stems from where the metephore starts...

Is it...

1) Rolling down a snow covered hill, through dry grass and landing in water = Schweppervesence?


2) just landing in the water = schweppervesence? (the first half of the ad = thirst?)


Bursting he Bubble said:

Saw it on a large wide-screen tele over the weekend. At that scale, the compositing is revealed significantly, and without the photo-real vfx element, that ability to see something visually believable and physically astounding that could never happen in real life, what else have you got truthfully?

Great to see a big brand ad without the retail sales pitch, the VO explaining it all to a consumer who just wants to be entertained by a cool product that they can feel good about buying. Always nice to see the absence of a PAC shot, leaving the viewer to make the connection, which when they do it for themselves is inevitably so much stronger, but once the genie is out of the bottle, and the visual gag unmasked, this spot if unfortunately a bit flat . . . probably not what you'd be looking for from a fizzy water.

Fuck'n funny said:

I'm loving the all-too obvious comments posted by the creators/agency combined with those from the cranky, half-cut Friday crew - which are then defended by cranky, half-cut creators/agency.

@Fuck'n Funny said:

I'm loving the all-too obvious comments posted by the sage Monday morning voices of self-annointed superior knowledge and reason who find the comments of the pathetic masses that they can barely be bothered to read so tragically amusing.

said it before said:

I've said this before and I'll say it again.

It's easy to make an ad that is relevant to the brand/product but not radical.
It's easy to make an ad that is radical but not relevant to the brand/product.
What's difficult (and why creatives should exist) is to make an ad which is both relevant and radical.

I feel this is radical tho not in anyway relevant.

Also they'd be dead falling down mountains like that.

@ fuck'n funny said:

Nailed it.

another biased opinion said:

I like it. But then again, I worked on it. But then again, I don't like everything I work on. But then again, some people don't like it. But then again, some people do. Oh, this is confusing.

Paul D said:

I liked it more than burst.

Babysitter said:

@said it before.

If you think there is anything easy about creating an ad like this you're a child. That's exactly why we see so few of them.

Quality work said:

This is good.
I like that fact that it polarises people. With a few notable exceptions, most really good work does.
Personally, I like Burst better. But I'd happily have this on my reel, it will work on the telly, and it will win at shows.

I think that's 3 spots from Oz so far that are looking very good for cannes.

a bunch of you think it's shit, but a certain campaign that won 6 Lions last year got bagged by about 30% of people on here, so what do you know:


baby shitter said:

Baby sitter,

It's a piece of piss to thing of something that will look amazing.
admittedly the craft is not easy - I'm talking about the thinking.

Back to your baby sitting.

lolz said:

@ quality work

Grazed on greatness got slagged but you couldn't fault the strategy/thinking/link to product. This not so much. Won't trouble the jury at cannes, guarantee fucking tee it.

I hate cricket said:

The idea that you can buy clothing made from wool that came from hallowed turf is a very smart business idea, but perhaps a little naff for those of us not interested in cricket - hence the negativity.

A TV ad that tells us that drinking a soft drink feels like falling down a snow-covered mountain into a creek doesn't seem to be anywhere near as clever.

Boy George said:

I'll tumble for ya.

Now, how schweppervescent would that be, huh?

Culture Club sparkling tea, mmmmmmm.

Do we really care? said:

This blog sounds like Patts having an argument with itself.

Wow said:

Wow. That's a cracker!

Derr said:

Jesus, how hard it it to understand?
People fall down a hill to get thirsty, fall into water, make bubbles, get refreshed.
Surely we aren't so stupid as to need a VO or supers spelling it out.
Frightening how dumb the as community can act when they are trying to bring down a really great piece of work.
We all know you understand the concept, a freak'n child can understand it.
Please at least come up with a better criticism than the argument it is too hard to understand.

BTY- I love it for exactly the reason some dim wits say they don't like it, it treats me like I have a brain and doesn't smack me in the head with the ad rule book.

3 days after it was posted and you guys are still debating it?? said:

Proof that it has made an impact with the ad world, hard to get 10 comments on your work these days, 100 plus says it is doing its Jon well.

Pete said:

Liked the ad.
Read some of the comments that didn't like it,
Now I'm convinced I love this ad.
Breaks a few rules and entertains, great work.

Hot Rod said:

Pleased to be of assistance...

Really? said:

Funny thing is apart from this blog, not a mention anywhere else in the region let alone further afield. So given the noise around this spot we're either way ahead of the game or sadly so far behind it. Mmmmm.....

Fell Walker said:

Simply because it has NONE of the things the haters here think it should, this ad should be applauded - if only for following the creative maxim, 'differentiate or die'.

Just think of all the dross that populates this category - all the things both the client and the consumer - when asked in research groups - EXPECT to see in an ad for a thirst quenching FMCG and then don't like very much, when it's repeated endlessly across their TV screens.

Then look at yourself and the parameters of your own talent.

Then look around the agency you work at and gauge the capacity of the people you work with and for, to help you successfully sell a concept like this through, if you had the wit to write it.

Then ask yourself if you've got the resolve to believe in your concept - through thick and thin, budget cuts, last minute changes, daft directors, pedantic producers and ditzy DOP's, who at any time at all can royally fuck your film beyond all recognition.

Then take a look at your next creative brief and ask yourself if it - more than anything else - truly defines the creative capacity to which the people who emply you believe you are capable.

Than give your honest opinion about a TVC like this.

bubbles said:

another ad for advertisings sake.
the punters don't like this crap, a simple search on the schweppes fb page shows what the average joe thinks. unfortunately we're not as sophisticated as some of you inner city ad people think.

Obviously jealous. said:

I'd hit a like button if I could.

It hit Notham in the balls too.

Nice ad.

To Fell Walker said:

What an arrogant, self aggrandising and petulant comment that was. It just encapsulates in a nutshell everything that's wrong with our selfish, navel-gazing industry. So, in your opinion, 99.9% of the Australian population can't or shouldn't have an opinion about this TVC? Because, A. They don't work on an advertising agency and B. They don't have either the talent or the opportunity to work on productions like this? So, in essence, no one is entitled to have an opinion on your ad, hey? Because it's your ad, Isn't it? Well, I have news for you. The public, which are most of that 99.9% of folks that you pathetically feel that are not entitled to have an opinion, will have one wether you like it or not. And their opinion will be that this ad makes no fucking sense. It will be something like: "Nice rolling down a mountain of snow, ouch rolling down that grass wouldn't be nice, why do they look like they're committing suicide? my niece jumped out of a window and died (bad memories), that tumbling looks fake like it has wires on it, those twigs in the forest will hurt, oh a shepherd, I wonder where this is all going, a waterfall, WHAT? Schweppervescence?Was that a Schweppes commercial? It makes no fucking sense!" In fact, they are already saying it in Facebook, so cope that! Get cranking on your re-shoot or cut a better 30' son because this ain't working for anyone. But you wouldn't believe that, now, would you?

The public have spoken said:

Go here http://www.facebook.com/schweppes.au and see what the REAL people are saying. A sobering example on how disconnected ad people are from the public they are supposed to be talking to!

Oh dear said:

7:49 you give yourself away... nobody other than the creator of this ad would ever write such an impassioned post.

Jon Jr said:

I'd do it and i'd have a nice cold beer at the end. Thats a heard earned thirst.

THe client said:

Thats 150 of you who took the time and effort to write about the spot.
Love the passion in your arguments.
Just what we had hoped for.

Mr ads said:

You guys still debating tis ad??

Must not have much work on this week.

Early riser said:

I thought this spot might grow on me – I didn't like it much the first time.

Saw it again this morning and disliked it even more.

Wake up tools said:

You don't think Schweppes would have done some testing on an ad this big??

Nah, better to take your word for it that the ad won't appeal to 'real' people because it has pictures that couldn't happen in real life.

Yep, probably best to pull the ad on the strength of your intelligent and well informed comments.

Melbourne Creative said:

Same director.
Same writer.

But nowhere near as good as this ad for Honda. At least there's an analogy linked to the product:

Groucho said:

@Fell Walker, if you put as much effort into writing advertising as you did into your post you might turn out some decent advertisements. Sadly this isn't one of them. Yes it cost a lot. Yes at a stretch ( a much bigger one than the consumer will give it) the abstract can be post rationalised into something that resembles a message, but by and large it is one of those giant wanks that gets supported by people whose best so far is a spot for Aldi, or Coles. There have been some big productions for beverages such as beers which have captured the consumers imagination but this one won't. If this is what the creatives here aspire to they should consider retraining. I'd sure hate it to be my legacy. Rather I'd be thinking if I had made this mistake at least it was a big one, and I would know better next time.

Pitch Doctor said:

@THe client, I'd have thought you would have hoped for sales rather than 150 comments. Have you forgotten what advertising is supposed to do?

Early riser said:

I thought this spot might grow on me – I didn't like it much the first time.

Saw it again this morning and disliked it even more.

The Tingle said:

Only the Carlton Draught 'Tingle' got as many comments. And we all know what happen with that little nugget...

Cool. said:

I hope they do a social media engagement idea where they get people to roll down hills and upload it to facebook.

Huh said:

There's only 70 odd comments on the schwepps FB..
Not really a scientific evaluation of what 99.9% of Australia think.

Guinness Book said:

Congratulations this has now become the post blogged post ever!

okkER said:

This ad makes me want to travel to New Zealand not necessarily drink Schwepps.

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