Foster's goes back to 1888 Melbourne in latest 'Anticipation' UK spot via adam&eveDDB, London

Screen shot 2013-02-18 at 3.41.29 PM.jpgFoster's has been a good call since 1888, as recalled in this latest spot just launched in the UK for the international Aussie beer icon, via adam&eveDDB, London.



duffman said:

not such a 'good call' to use the old miller lite tag line

tick said:

hey its yellow pages guy

Jagabee said:

I remember how bitterly disappointed I was when I returned to the UK after 2.5 years in Sydney to find my stepfather had bought in a few cases of Fosters as a welcome home. . . How to tell him no one drinks the p1ss in Syders?

Client said:

We want to leverage the heritage.

Ghost of someone from the 19th century said:

The people look too freshly scrubbed and lacking in skin diseases.

Also, there should be giant steaming horse plops all over the ground.

Anonymous said:

@Ghost, my thoughts too. But then advertising is supposed to be aspirational, and clean streats and people may be appropriate...............these things need to be considered in context.

Con Densation said:

Just a pouring shot TVC in fancy dress. FAIL

I McHunt said:

They have made some excellent ads (check out the UK website). This is not one of them.
It's reminiscent of the man from del monte

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