iiNet brings the quirky world of 'Finn' to life with the launch of two integrated campaigns via BWM

iinet.jpgBWM is taking Australians on a magical television and digital journey into the world of the broadband network through two new integrated campaigns featuring iiNet's much loved brand protagonist 'Finn' and a third planned in the trilogy for later this year.

The DSL campaign puts Finn in the conductor seat on the best train in the world, a super-fast world made from miniature models, which runs into a pesky dinosaur on the journey.

The second campaign out of the starting blocks is iiNet's first for Naked DSL, highlighting the benefit of freeing customers from landline rental forever, by removing extra hidden charges for a phone line you don't need.

Says Wendy Walker, iiNet chief marketing officer: "We wanted to highlight the value we can offer customers because we own our own broadband network. The DSL campaign is a beautiful analogy for our market-leading and award-winning customer service which is always at hand to make sure your broadband isn't disturbed by dinosaurs or any other nuisances for long."

The DSL campaign includes TV commercials and over-the-page, roadblocks and banners to bring to life the train analogy. Finn uses a remote control to move the train back and forth as he pleases, portraying how iiNet control their own network.

BWM also incorporates the use of Spotify audio and banners, which highlight the benefits of iiNet owning their own network as it allows you to stream your entertainment with fewer interruptions. Analogies used include 'hate it when you break up'.

In the comical Naked DSL campaign, which launched across television and buses, Finn attempts to mimic the well-known escape artist Houdini. Trying to escape being tied up in phone lines, Finn finds he's not as skilled as Houdini.

Says Simon Hadfield, BWM general manager: "These campaigns aim to get people talking about the range of iiNet's broadband services, and to amplify how iiNet always puts the customer first.

"We've done that by demonstrating iiNet's service and product innovations through a combination of digital and traditional media elements. We believe this combination will create a great opportunity to talk about broadband service and what iiNet is doing to champion the cause.

"With the brand's continuing drive for innovation, we're planning for some exciting twists and turns for iiNet's Finn set to break in a third instalment later this year. Viewers will get a chance to meet Finn's nearest and dearest in his clan. Watch this space!"

The DSL TV commercial will launch on Sunday, 17 February with the digital campaign to follow. The Naked TV commercial and digital campaign went live Sunday, 10 February.

iiNet - Client
Wendy Walker - Chief Marketing Officer
Kelli Wainberg - Marketing Manager
BWM - Agency
Rob Belgiovane - Executive Creative Director
Jen Barnett - Writer
Chris Boyd - Art Director
Simon Hadfield - General Manager
Muna Nageh - Group Business Director
Margot Fitzpatrick - Snr Onscreen Producer
Finch (Production)
Nick Ball - Director
Karen Bryson - Producer
Rob Galluzzo - Executive Producer
Andrew Thompson - Editor
Method - Post Production:
Nylon - Sound Post Production:


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lost all the charm of this character

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