Jeep honours another iconic grill with Australia Day print execution via CumminsRoss, Melbourne

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 10.57.57 AM.jpgAustralia Day is the only time of year there's a more iconic grill than the American Jeep.

To honour this day of national celebration, CumminsRoss, Melbourne created a tribute to the treasured Aussie Barbeque.



will Think for Salary said:


timing said:


( . )( . ) said:


Not quite said:

I think it is a very nice idea.

But I think the execution could have been handled with a little more care, just seems to me that the scales of the elements are not right.

Slightly bigger burgers, and/or slightly smaller snags would make it work better.

Maybe a bit pernickety, but the devil (or god for that matter) is in the detail.

The Count said:

Nice one Banty!

Meat and two patties said:

I love a bit of sausage after Valentine's Day. This is good.

lolz said:

Happy 1999 to everyone at Cummins Ross.

PS advertising gets much better in the new millennium ;)

Richard Denham said:


Dude said:

seems like a straightforward, simple topical ad to me. nice.

Braniac said:

I had to think about it before I got it. People outside of advertising wouldn't bother.

?? said:

I seriously don't get it. Please explain?

Pdog said:

Nice one. Would love to gag on those sausages you talented bastards.

this was cool... said:

10 years ago...

history said:

70s craft on a 90s idea with an 80s pun.

Doc Brown said:

1995 called and it wants its ideas back.

Christine Gaffney said:

You little ripper. Really well done guys.

silly sausage said:

say no more

Hi said:

likeyyyyy :)

Glass Houses said:

@ Doc Brown

Bemoaning a lack of originality with such a tired old sir, are the king of irony.

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