Kiwis start 'Beetleing' to win the new Volkswagen Beetle in latest promo via DDB New Zealand

Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 12.06.12 PM.jpgTo launch the new Beetle and pay tribute to the icon, DDB Group and Volkswagen have created Beetleing, the act of imitating the Beetle's iconic shape in an unlikely or unusual location.

The campaign is centered around an online promotion where people can 'Beetle to win The Beetle' by uploading their Beetleing photos to the Volkswagen Facebook page.

Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 12.06.05 PM.jpgExecutive Creative Director: Andy Fackrell
Creative Director: Gavin Siakimotu
Creative Director: Natalie Knight
Creative: Kevin Bachtiar
Creative: Sasha Arandelovic
Group Business Director: Scott Wallace
Account Director: Susie Darling
Account Manager: Lara Christie
Account Executive: Ellie Hackshaw
Senior Developer: Jarrad Edwards
Developer: Gustavo Aragon
Deputy Creative Director: David Reid
Senior Interactive Designer: Sam Schrey
Interactive Designer: Amber-Jean Hornsby
Junior Developer: Paul Myles
Senior Digital Producer: Sarah Kelliher


Say it ain't so... said:


Has anyone actually noticed that the human body (short of a case of extreme spinal curvature) isn't too Beetlesque? From the YouTube clip, all I could take out were entries that might be more accurately labelled:

I'm Praying Here, If You Don't Mind
This Is What They Did To Me At Guantanamo
I'm Regressing To My Foetal Stage
I'm Preparing To Be Done Doggie-Style
Depression: As Performance Art

And so on. You can't really go wrong looking like a plank, owl or bat, but until they release the Volkswagen Owl, perhaps this idea should have been thought through a bit more?

The frog did OK, though.

Beer Before Breakfast said:

That's about the stupidest thing I've ever seen. It looks nothing like a VW beetle or anything else. Even 'planking', which seems to be the inspiration, had a certain ridiculous charm for about 5 minutes. How did this even get beyond a misguided thought in someone's head?

bill said:


"it looks nothing like a VW beetle?"

erm? how much more like a beetle is it possible for a person to look like?

I like the idea...

easy to do
familiar to people (because of planking and teapotting)
and taps into the narcissistic voyerism that is Facebook
has a good prize

Will do well i think

Gladys said:

Dumb ways to die.

Grammar Grandpa said:

When I look at both the featured images, what immediately springs to mind is 'preparation for coitus, doggy style'...

Puppetry of the Penis. said:

Sounds like a lewd act.

Bill B. said:

The key determinent of success will be the volume of entries it recieves from the public. I think it's one of those ideas that almost works but not quite. It's right for the brand - fun.

Takin' it up the.... said:

Nice pozzies ladies.

I assume this is how the creatives took it in the meeting, when the client suggested a really creative and 'new' idea about using facebook and photo tagging as a way of getting brand awareness.

Bored now.... Bend over.

Mary said:

This is just PunchDub reskinned.

Beer Before Breakfast said:

@bill: gimme some of what you're taking. It's giving you hallucinations.

They called it beetleing said:

because ‘dogging’ was already taken.

I McHunt said:

I think Jetstar 'own' this idea with their ongoing starjump competitions.

Sigh... said:

If there ever was any, respect for consumers has hit an all time low. "How stupid can we get people to look? I know, let's dangle a prize a prize that thy have no chance of winning in the hope they'll humiliate themselves for our brand!" Claps themselves on back, heads off to pub.

Unlike said:

No, I'm not going to 'like' the concept on the Facebook page before I can even look at it.

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