Leggos transforms Melbournes laneways with love in a new outdoor campaign via BWM

leggos.jpgBWM and Leggo's are revelling in the month of love by transforming some of Melbourne's famous laneways into 'Leggo's Laneways of Love'.

To coincide with Valentine's Day and the Leggo's Love Songs campaign, BWM created an outdoor installation campaign in the streets and laneways of Melbourne.
The installation, paying homage to the iconic and romantic 'Lady and The Tramp' imagery, uses individual portraits interconnected by long strands of spaghetti.

The creative idea included a special "Happy Valentine's Day" message, celebrating the most romantic day of the year in true Leggo's style.

Says Gus Johnston, deputy creative director of BWM Melbourne: "Lovers love a stroll and Melbourne laneways are the perfect place to get a bit romantic. Knowing this, we thought there was no better place than to connect Leggo's with love in the lead up to Valentine's Day then to fill them with romantic imagery during February."

The Leggo's Love Song campaign ran again in 2013 for a second year after successfully launching a Facebook offer last year to woo your sweetheart with a personalised love song.

Says Johnston: "The installation is another fun way for Leggo's to celebrate Valentine's Day and break away from the everyday. It's also a fitting time to celebrate Australia's longstanding love affair with Italian cuisine."

Client: Simplot Australia
Executive Creative Director: Rob Belgiovane
Creative Director: Ant Shannon
Deputy Creative Director: Gus Johnston
Creative Team: Jeremy Elliot, Chris Hanrahan, Gus Johnston
Senior Account Manager: Bryan Micallef
Lead Business Director: Belinda Murray


Cute said:


Cooks said:

Nice. But I can't shake the nagging feeling that this could have used the watchful eye of a Deputy-vice Associate Creative Director to finish it off.

bazeagle said:

Nice High High's poster

Smelly said:

Interesting decision to use the agency staff as talent. Smells a bit scammy to me or should I say 'proactive.'

Ambi Pur said:

Absolutely wreaks of "proactiveness".....

armo said:

Nice one.

Ed said:

Love it!

It's always the blondes said:

Hang on, she's eating spaghetti with two different men! Harlot!

Emily said:

Clever. I like it.

ad guy said:

Like it. Hope its still up.

um said:

How long before a pissed person steals the spaghetti?

Scammier than an email from Nigeria said:

My name says it all.

Proactive Proverb No1. said:

Agency that use staff as talent... will change staff!

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