Leo Burnett Melbourne promotes senior creative Andrew Woodhead to creative director role

ANDREW WOODHEAD HEADSHOT.jpgCB Exclusive: Leo Burnett Melbourne has promoted Andrew Woodhead (left), to the role of creative director. In his eight years at the agency he has steadily risen through the ranks from the initial position of mid-weight writer.

Says Jason Williams, ECD: "We've had great momentum over the last few years and Andrew has been an important part of that. It gives us great pleasure to see Andrew take on the role of creative director and there's nothing more satisfying than to be able to promote from within. Andrew has genuinely earned this title and will continue to go from strength to strength."

Woodhead has proven creative credentials having been recognised at every international awards show and receiving more than 200 accolades. Most notably the prestigious Cannes Grand Prix for Good in 2011 and the inaugural Clio Facebook Award in 2012.

Says Woodhead: "I'm extremely excited to take on my new position at Leo Burnett and to continue the success we've had over the last eight years."


News said:

And this is news how?

Derek Craig said:

Congratulations Andrew. Well deserved.

Rohan said:

Well done woody!

Congrats said:

Couldn't be more deserved. Well done Woody.

MADC Committee said:

Congratulations Andrew!

Lachie said:

Congrats Andrew.

Chris Maplestone said:

That's awesome news! Congrats Andrew!!

b said:

Congrats Andrew. Thoroughly well deserved.

More importantly, congrats to Leos for promoting from within.

J said:

I remember when you were part-timing it at McCarthy Moon many moons ago. You have carved out for yourself one of the more consistent and successful careers in the Melbourne creative community (without becoming a self-promoting wanker in the process). Well done. Well deserved.

-K said:

Onya Woody.

Ex Award School said:

Any Award School student lucky enough to be in one of Andrew's tute groups knows what an inspiring mentor he is. The Creative Department at Leo's is lucky to have a guy like him as CD. Congrats mate.

TRUTH said:

Why on earth would you want to become a CD anymore??

Say goodbye to your free thinking, creativity and personal life.
Say hello to politics, pointless meetings and corporate bullshit.

And I'd be very surprised if they gave you a raise that compensates.

Squirrel said:

Well done Andrew... you've been running the place for a while now anyways, about time they gave you the title!!

A3 said:

Nice work Andrew and well deserved. A man who lets the work speak for itself and it has done so in great volumes.

d said:

Nice one Andrew.

Good to see you look exactly the same since when you started 8 years ago.

? said:

why didn't Leos melbourne make it to finalist for Adnews Agency of year?

Lord Saatchi said:

Well done, Andrew.

Say so said:

Anyone who knows anything knows there's nothing to argue about here.
Does good work at a good agency. End of story.
Well done and congratulations.

S said:

Awesome work Andrew.

Admirer said:

About time, well done.

David Ogilvy said:

Well done old chap.

Raymond Rubicam said:

Congratulations, Andrew.

David Abbott said:

I knew you had it in you, Andrew.

Bill Bernbach said:

A well-deserved appointment, Andrew.

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