Luke Shanahan directs Sorted's new 'Grow' TV spot via GSL Network and Yukfoo Animation

Picture 1.jpgThe third in the trilogy of Sorted's 'Think, Shrink, Grow' campaign has hit the small screen created as a collaboration between 8com, director Luke Shanahan and Yukfoo Animation for the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income (through Wellington Agency GSL Network).

And just like the final installment of other well known franchises the 'Grow' spot features a rewarding result for the Sorted Mouse and his protege as they ride off into the sunset.

The Grow TVC is a 30 second epic which follows the fortunes of a young man about town fulfilling his hopes and aspirations with some clever tactical saving. He even manages to score the scooter of his dreams.

Yukfoo's Alan Dickson is pleased with the way the campaign has allowed the Sorted Mouse to develop.

Says Dickson: "We are now looking for opportunities to parlay his appearance in this campaign with further spots in a much expanded run - we foresee a handful of prequel's, some more sequels and some fully animated spots. We're not sure whether GSL have the same plans but it's worked well for this other guy that we know of, so fingers crossed."

Sorted - Grow
Agency - GSL Network
Creative - Doublefish - Ken Double and John Fisher
Director- Luke Shanahan
Production Company - 8com
Mouse Animation - Yukfoo Animation


Ken Double said:

Thanks guys, but I have to tell you if Plim and I started an agency the art direction would be a complete disaster. My actual partner is of course the other John - Fisher. In case of confusion, the name Doublefish should clear that up.


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