Masterchef: The Professionals host Marco Pierre White fronts new MLA spot via Host, Sydney

Screen shot 2013-02-19 at 11.00.31 AM.jpgMeat & Livestock Australia, via agency Host Sydney with creative partner Ilk, has put to air a new spot fronted by Masterchef: The Professionals host Marco Pierre White which aims to promote beef and lamb as a vital component of 'proper dinners'.

The spot, created by Ilk ECDs Dennis Koutoulogenis and Jake Rusznyak with production by Channel 10, is part of a mutli-media campaign which includes digital, print and radio.

Says Andrew Cox MLA group marketing manager - consumer: "With his passion for honest, uncomplicated food, Marco Pierre White was a natural choice to front this campaign, having become a big fan of Australian beef and lamb during his three-month stint filming Masterchef Professionals."



lolz said:


qaz said:

And the bar sinks just that little lower.

Wooden said:

See the spot for Perfect Italiano as a guide to how to use a celebrity chef.

Overdone said:

Whoever cooked this drivel up needs a proper talking to.

J. Oliver said:

Ramsay 1
White 0

Who’s crying now?

Poor service said:

I certainly won't be eating there again!

GP said:

It's beautiful writing. Put up with it.

just choked... said:

The writing is laboured and disjointed – only made worse by Marco's wooden delivery of it.

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