Perfect Italiano means no celebrity chef required in latest spot via Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne

Perfect Italiano-web.jpgClemenger BBDO, Melbourne has created a new campaign for Fonterra's Perfect Italiano, featuring the famously ornery chef, Gordon Ramsay.

Launching today, the campaign features a busy mum cooking exquisite Italian dishes. Gordon Ramsay offers to help and she puts him to work -€“ but not in the way he is expecting.

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Executive Creative Director, Ant Keogh, says working with Ramsay was a surprise: "I'm hesitant to ruin his image as a tough guy, but Gordon was a great sport throughout the whole production," he said.

Perfect Italiano Category Marketing Manager - Cheese & Spreads, Tony Tyree, concurs: "Working with Gordon was fantastic - as easy as using Perfect Italiano. The concept of 'No celebrity chef required' really brings to life what Perfect Italiano is all about helping to add simple Italian flair to everyday meals with great tasting fit-for-purpose cheese."

The campaign, featuring a 30 sec and 3 x 15 sec TVC ads, highlights how simple cooking real Italian food can be using Perfect Italiano. Clemenger BBDO Melbourne also created the new tagline, 'Perfect Italiano. No celebrity chef required'.


ad guy said:

Ha ha. Its even good for his image.

Ben said:

Love it. Well directed/timed. And a nice, solid tie-in.

Ornblower said:

Fully ornery.

dimes said:

Almost topical after Host pr'd their non event chef spot.

Not Ca$h said:

How is this anything like that pun-tastic Pat Cash spot?

Ha! said:

Great idea. Great direction. Great Edit. Well done.

Good work said:

Nicely done. These will be even better as 15s than they are as 30s. 'Can I help with anything?' 'Of course.' Cut to lawnmower. 'No celeb chef required.'

Nice to see work that is real, hardworking, and good.

Not Perfect Italiano Guy said:

What ever happend to the cheesy Mills and Boon guy? He was genius. Stupid funny and made cooking italian look effortless.

I'll pay it said:

Not the greatest ad in years, but made me smile :) Nice One.

Jaded client said:

Not any more.
Lovely use of celeb.
Fun to watch. Again and again.
Kudos to the team!

funny said:

Well done! Great use of a celebrity chef when compared to the work Host just posted (twice!?)

It made me laugh.

Jamie oh.... said:

Gordon Ramsay known what he does best, helping out someone else's wife.

nice one said:

That made me smile.

Its a shame they used the washing up shot earlier in the ad. Because when he says 'anything in here' we've already seen him inside helping. Apart from that, solid ads.

This is how you do it said:

The spot puts to rest that all posters are haters.
When it's good, it's good.
When it's not, just don't bother putting it up for comments.
15 positive comments in a row.

adland said:

Simple, funny and relevant. Great to see work that is funny AND effective. well done

adland said:

Love that this is so simple, relevant and funny. And not up its own arse. Rare to see that these days.

So simple, it's perfect said:

Like it.

Bit of a continuity issue in the 30, but I can forgive it.

yep said:

awesome. funny and to the point. damn i want a pizza now.

emperor's clothes said:

Not up its own arse. Unlike the agency.

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