Pizza Hut launches perfume print ad with the lot as part of social media comp via M&C Saatchi

pizzahut.jpgPizza Hut, via M&C Saatchi Sydney, has launched a new print ad featuring its exclusive perfume - Eau de Pizza Hut with only 50 bottles available throughout Australia.

The ad was launched off the back of a Pizza Hut Valentine's Day Facebook competition in which the perfume was part of the prize pack.



M said:


Stealing is not art said:

Oh fuck. Surely someone had seen Burger King's Cannes-winning work for releasing a perfume flavoured like a burger?

Pizza lover said:

Gross. What a fail.

Stink said:

Why anyone would want to smell like a pizza, let alone a Pizza Hut pizza, is beyond me.

sDSLR said:

A bit too stylish to win the west; can't see it winning anywhere else...

This smells. said:

So basically Axe for obese people.

from within said:

Hilariously atrocious.
Just dreadful.

eww said:

old spice, literally.

Richard Denham said:


Clam McBeard said:

I can imagine this being quite appetising if you sprayed it all over a young lady.

Convincing her might be a challenge, though.

Yo said:

Crispin's did it already, famously.

Had To said:

This ad really stinks.

Captainshiraz said:

Absolute garbage.

wow said:

5o bottles. Amazing. DId you fill them up at the agency? Pathetic.

Pete said:

Crispin executed the idea years ago for BK but with humour, which is what this lacks.
Really, M&C are you guys that lazy? Not only did you rip-off a well known campaign, your execution of it is subpar.

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