Powerade Zero inspires Aussies to stay true to their fitness goals in new fully integrated campaign via Ikon, Naked and Ogilvy Sydney

Powerade Zero.jpgRecognising one of the major barriers to exercise, Powerade Zero has launched a new campaign for 2013: 'Zero Sugar. Zero Excuses'; to inspire Aussies to stay true to their fitness goals via Ikon, Naked Communications, Ogilvy Sydney and TCO.
The campaign will target active Australians, with channel specific motivators to overcome the urge to make excuses not to workout.

Says Alex Pettigrew, Powerade marketing manager. "From hitting the snooze button on the alarm to swapping out the gym for after-work drinks, we are all guilty of making excuses not to workout. Zero Sugar, Zero Excuses, is all about empowering Aussies to stay committed to their fitness goals and keep their eyes on the prize."
riseabove.jpgThe campaign will be rolled out through multiple campaign touch points including out-of-home (OOH), digital, mobile and social media. Executions will build on the insight that all Australians face a motivational challenge overcoming barriers to exercise such as:

  • 'Hot? Cold? The weather's not an excuse' - Weather related mobile 'excuse' pop ups will feature smartphone calendar integration to allow users to cement a date to get fit
  • 'Rise above the snooze button' - Time of day related placements at points-of-sweat in gyms and on-the-go locations including bus shelters, bus mega wraps and  convenience stores
Zero Sugar, Zero Excuses is the first local push for Powerade Zero since its introduction locally in April 2012.
Says Pettigrew: "In less than 12 months, Powerade Zero has captured 3.4%i volume share of grocery in the sports drink category and has already captured over 5%ii of overall Powerade sales. The success of Powerade Zero highlights the strong demand from Australian consumers to have a sugar-free sports drink option when they work out."
Team Powerade includes: Ikon, Naked Communications, Ogilvy Sydney, and TCO.




Huh? said:

What's the point of telling me to rise about the snooze button if I'm already at the 'point of sweat' at a relevant time of day? Haven't I already done that?

Silly me said:

How do people get away with doing stuff like this?

Irony said:

And they actually wrote, 'rise above the snooze button.' on this.

Double ended strap line said:

SO which one is it, Zero Sugar, Zero excuses or Stay hydrated, Stay committed?

Oh, it's Ogilvy.

Drederick Tatum said:

It liked it better when Nike did it.


What? said:

And how exactly is this in any way, shape or form, Creative?

Yo Yo Ma said:


Mo S. said:

Zero sugar. The drinks that use sweetener taste really bad and are bad for your health in the long run. I hope this is not one of them.

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