Saatchi New York's 'Miracle Stain' spot for Tide one of the creative highlights of Super Bowl XLVII

Screen shot 2013-02-07 at 11.17.41 AM.jpgLucky for Joe Montana fans the 49ers pulled off an impressive victory against the Falcons, cementing not only a spot in the big game, but also a place in Tide's sporty Super Bowl spot via Saatchi & Saatchi, New York.

The spot was directed by Bryan Buckley via Hungry Man, New York.



Huh? said:

The RAVENs beat the 49ers guys.

Old, old man said:

Reminds me of Jane and Jane's Omo commercial from last century, where the flatmate washes off the lipstick phone number. Only theirs had less American hype and therefore bucketloads more charm.

@ Huh said:

Did you watch to the end of the commercial?

I smiled. It is good work for a washing liquid, and is very Superbowl.

bill said:


the played the falcons in the semis though

Beer Before Breakfast said:

Any good laundry detergent ad will remind sages about Jane and Jane's great spot. But this is a cracker too.

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