Sheepish Lion's Ken Lambert directs Coca-Cola 'Happiness' tvc for China via Santo Buenos Aires

coke hap1.jpgCoinciding with the upcoming Chinese New Year, Ken Lambert of Sheepish Lion has directed with Santo, Buenos Aires, a new campaign for Coca-Cola China reminding people to create happiness in their lives.

China is known for its productivity and its economic growth but the campaign asks "What about our happiness?"

coke hap 2.jpgThe positive underlying message was that whilst everyone is busy creating things they should also remember to create happiness.

The TVC features a cross-section of people's everyday lives in China and small ways that they bring happiness into each other's lives.

Says Lambert: "I really wanted an approach that would feel authentic, not like a highly commercial overly staged piece, but something that would resonate with the Chinese audience as reflective of themselves. The challenge was to make sure the scenarios were genuine and captured in an authentic way, like documenting the real lives of everyday people in everyday situations."

Client: Coca-Cola
Agency: Santo
Creative Director: Pablo Minces
Agency Producer: Nadia Lozano
Production Company: TWC/Sheepish Lion
Director: Ken Lambert
Producer: James Schulz
Post-Production: Ink Project
Music: Swing Musica

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