Tony Hertz to present the 7 Secrets of Creative Radio as guest speaker at AdFest next month

TONY-HERTZ.jpgAcclaimed radio creator Tony Hertz is sharing his 7 Secrets of Creative Radio at AdFest 2013 as guest speaker and host of a Breakout Workshop.

Titled 'Get It All In! 7 Secrets from 40 years in 35 Minutes', his entertaining and provocative Speaker Session takes place on Sunday 17 March at 12.00pm.

Hertz will also present a two-hour Breakout Workshop titled 'A Trip Beyond the Comfort Zone: Incorporating Radio 4 Art Directors'. This mini-workshop takes place on Monday 18 March from 2:30pm - 4.30pm. Participation is free, however a maximum of 50 places are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Interested applicants must be registered delegates of AdFest 2013.
When asked about his presentations, Hertz said: "Based on feedback from other festivals, I'm fairly confident that many AdFest audience members will find the following thoughts planted in their brains after attending my Speaker Session and Breakout Workshop.

First, radio can be a genuinely exciting creative opportunity and a lot of fun, rather than the usual last-minute chore. Second, creatives, clients and media can use their finely honed visual imaginations in radio to a far greater degree than they have ever imagined. And finally, the combination of passion, laughter, tears and practical tools makes 35-minutes (and two-hours) go by very quickly."

An Anglo-American based in Manila, Hertz is the only winner of both Black and Yellow D&AD Radio Pencils. His radio seminars and workshops, delivered in 36 countries, are the fruits of 40 years as a radio specialist and creative director.

The Breakout Workshop will cover every aspect of creating radio ads, from finding radio ideas and adapting TV/Press/Outdoor concepts; to writing dialogue, using music and sound effects, presenting radio to clients and CDs, and casting and studio directing.


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