West End aims to reclaim land from Victoria for South Australians in new campaign via BMF

WEst end.jpgWest End via BMF, will unveil its new TV campaign this Sunday night, a campaign which humourously draws attention to a 160-year-old dispute over a slice of land on the Victorian border.

The campaign tells the true story of how an error was made when the border was originally marked, giving Victoria an extra 500 square miles of South Australian land. Such was the controversy; the land became known as, 'The Disputed Country'.

Says Jack Mesley, marketing manager for West End Draught: "At West End, we've always had a bit of fun with our television campaigns. When we discovered the story of the Disputed Country, we thought it was a great opportunity to celebrate what's great about South Australia and touch on a little bit of South Australian history at the same time."

The launch TVC will take viewers on the journey of how West End intends to reclaim 'The Disputed Country' from Victoria, and shows the locals who live in that area, what they have missed out on by being part of Victoria rather than South Australia.

Says Justin Ruben, BMF creative director: "It's always good to base an idea on a fact. And the fact is that Victoria has South Australian land because the border line is wrong. Who better to reclaim the land and bring the lifestyle to those that have missed out than South Australia's number one beer, West End Draught."

The West End Reclaim campaign, which launched with print advertising this week, will also include outdoor, digital and PR and will be continued in the months to come with new creative that unveils more of The Reclaim story.

The campaign's digital component includes a dedicated website www.TheReclaim.com.au which will house video interviews with historian, Bob Dunn, and interactive content which encourages visitors to join The Reclaim campaign.

Digital - The White Agency
Media - ZenithOptimedia
PR - Res Publica 


Please said:

Can someone please reclaim the blog space that this piece of shit has taken.

Jack Russell said:

I once drank the urine of a 100 year old buffalo. It was preferable to drinking West End. Just thought I'd share that.

LaLa said:

At least this should drop property prices.

Ballsack Bitter said:

Cool geography story bro.

Remind me why I should drink the beer again?

VB said:

A new low.

Big Balls said:

Looks like the VFX supervisor has the biggest HDRI balls in the industry and the nerve to not paint them out.

peterpan said:

Wow, finally a beer ad that is actually based on a real idea. I actually put my stamp of approval on this one. Way to go BMF.

Straw Clutcher said:

I know this ad is only designed to talk to a converted/predisposed SA market about entrenched feelings towards Victoria, but really where is the connection.

if the disputed piece of territory was in the west end of SA, you might have a bit of potential. But it is in the east end. Thinking too hard? Maybe just looking for an idea.

To be honest said:

Everything that's wrong with that agency in 30 seconds

Pete said:

Somewhere under this garbage is a nice idea. But, gee, they've messed it up in a pretty monumental way.

You lot.. said:

..are dicks

Crows fan said:


South Aussie said:

In Adelaide they call him Godra...

Old CD Guy said:

Loyalty and entrenched behaviour are the only reasons to drink West End, apparently. There's no need to praise the virtues or otherwise of the fluid itself. So in an odd, South Australian kind of way, it works. Putting concerns about production values aside, there's a campaign in here just waiting to burst out.

Deep thoughts on being honest said:

TO BE HONEST: Sometimes BMF runs out of free bread in the morning, are you saying that this ad is a metaphor even for this problem?

Casper said:

I didnt realise the vics had been greedy and grabbing every thing for so long.
This is to be expected as convicts were deported there and not to SA. We are
not as careful dealing with them in SA as we should be.
Time to reclaim our property NOW!

Merryt said:

Hmm, continues the tradition of honestly advertising beer - it's either for dreamers or for tossers......

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