Host appoints first ECDs: Bob Mackintosh to fill ECD role in Sydney; Noah Regan departs BBH after six month stint for ECD role in Singapore

Noah.jpgHost today announced an evolution of its unique agency structure with executive creative director roles joining the management line up of the agency.

Bob Mackintosh (below left) will become the first executive creative director in Sydney and former partner at The Monkeys, Noah Regan (above) departs BBH Singapore - after only six months in the role - to join in the same ECD role at Host, Singapore.
Screen shot 2011-08-08 at 10.36.12 AM-thumb-200x132-54452-thumb-300x198-54453.jpgThis is first time that Host has included ECD positions within the company, after establishing itself as an agency 'without a creative department' almost thirteen years ago.

Mackintosh and Regan will both preside over a small team of top talent within their respective agencies.

Says Anthony Freedman, founder and group CEO: "We have always believed in the power of collaboration to produce interesting creative results and that's why thirteen years ago, we developed a new way of working. We wanted to have a 'creative department' with more people and more diverse talents, including many people who simply wouldn't accept a full time job in an ad agency.

"That same belief remains today, but with an agency of more than 100 people in Sydney and a growing international presence, we felt it was time to evolve our model. With Bob and Noah we now have the best of both worlds. Smart creative people at the heart of our business whilst still retaining a modern department that extends outside our building, with a long list of great creative collaborators."

Says Mackintosh: "Noah and I along with our teams will develop work internally, but as has always been the case, our 'department' will include independent creative groups, teams and individuals, within Australia and around the world."

Says Freedman: "Bob has been a part of our team for many years but over the last 12 to 18 months his role, along with that of digital within campaigns has evolved substantially. To define his role as a digital specialist is failing to acknowledge the breadth of what he and his team now deliver to many of Host's clients. He also personally represents our company belief in being multi-skilled but digital at the core."

Mackintosh has recently presided over a number of notable campaigns including 'Festival of Play' for Lego, 'Share a Coke and a Song' for Coca-Cola and 'Kiwi Sceptics' for Air New Zealand, which was awarded the Grand Prix for Branded Content and Entertainment at Spikes Asia.

Says Regan: "The original Host model was ahead of its time - an agency with no creative department that actually championed creativity. It encouraged collaboration; it promoted diverse thinking from outside the one department or agency. I'm excited to be part of the next exciting installment: a global micro network sharing ideas and talent across three continents."

In a career spanning almost 20 years, Regan has created many highly awarded campaigns. As creative director and Partner at The Monkeys he was a key part of many of their most successful campaigns including 'The Ship Song Project' which was B&T Campaign of the Year and winner of the Grand Prix at the Australasian Branded Entertainment Awards. Prior to The Monkeys he created several high profile campaigns at DDB London for Volkswagen, Harvey Nichols and Marmite.

Host recently announced a plan to establish a series of international offices alongside Singapore which opened in January 2013. Future locations included both Shanghai and San Francisco.


Host of problems said:

'This is first time that Host has included ECD positions within the company'
And Anthony will continue to overall them as he sees fit.

Dan Higson said:

Grats to you both!

Short stay said:

What happened to BBH Singapore Noah? Only 5 months there?

Tired of Cliches said:

Agree, 2:24. That's a far more intriguing and interesting story than the highly stage-managed press release from Host. Oh, while we're at it, can we be spared the predictable Brad Pitt dad jokes?

six months said:

BBH Sing You didn't last 6 months dude... what's that story?

Bemused said:

I'm sure everyone one has their reasons for leaving a role after 6 months. But the fact that almost anyone seems to do it in Advertising really is embarrassing.

Russty said:

Nice one Bob.

come on folks said:

creatives have to take opportunities when they come and choose what they think is best for them and their family. not that i necessarily think Host is a wise move compared to BBH for Reags, but he obviously does so we should all just wish him the best.

whatever said:

If you were given a partner role in an interesting start up (which is agency will effectively be in Singapore) it would always tempt you away from another place even if you had been there for 6 months. People seem to think that BBH was the problem, maybe it was just that this was a better opportunity for him to make great work?

Also well done Bob, absolutely legend.

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