Aussie director Tim Bullock shoots new SpecSavers spot in the U.K. via Hungryman

1_300DPI.jpgProdigy director Tim Bullock has recently shot a new "Should've" campaign for SpecSavers for UK TV screens through his agency in the UK, Hungryman.

The spot opens on a vet stroking a cat called Phoebe. The Vet becomes increasingly alarmed when he can find no signs of life in the moggie, eventually calling upon his trusted assistant Karen to help. But things aren't quite as they seem...

2_300DPI.jpgThe campaign promotes Specsavers' 2 for 1 glasses offer and targets a broad demographic.

Says Mark de la Rue and Richard James, Specsavers' creative team: "The UK is full of pet owners so our vet scenario will resonate with all age groups. The 'Should've' proposition can be interpreted in a hundred ways, starting with a simple premise that can be given an original and unexpected twist. When we first came up with the idea for 'Vet', the whole concept was encapsulated as a one-liner, so we instantly knew it had a simplicity that was ideal for 'Should've'."

Specsavers Client: Richard Holmes- Marketing director
Creative Agency : Specsavers Creative
Creative Director: Graham Daldry
Creative team: Mark de la Rue & Richard james
Agency Producer: Sam Lock
Production Co. hungry man
Director: Tim Bullock
Prod Co. Producer: Matt Jones
DP: Marc Gómez del Moral
Post Production : MPC
Editor: John Smith @ The Whitehouse
Audio Post Production: Simon Capes @ Soho Square Studios


sniffy said:

go you good thing!

Fluffy said:


Old CD Guy said:

Another great flic from the maestro. And I knew him when he was a mere mild-mannered account man at Saatchis. Tim, I once again throw myself at your feet and beg forgiveness if I ever treated you as anything less than a god (yes Tim, now you know who I am).

Young CD Guy said:

Old CD guy is you isn't it Tim ;)

Like it said:

Great as usual Tim!

Try said:


steve P said:

i mean seriously, old CD guy. Stop. I mean Wow. and not for the spot. It's ok. just ok.

You didn't have to go to Specsavers... said: see that joke coming.

TOIA said:

Loved it !

Old CD Guy said:

No, 7:03PM, it isn't him, it's me. I also literally threw myself at his feet to beg forgiveness after I first saw him do his Axl Rose impersonation as frontman for his heavy metal pisstake band Bigphallica some years back. It's still hard to believe that for such an outwardly modest, quiet guy, a volcano of creativity lives inside.

Yes said:

Very good. Good performance, great talent. Go the bullock!

Boris Underpants said:

Great casting.

Old cxxt guy said:

Simple script, hardly needed
a director. But if anything I think the direction could have been handled more deftly in order to not telegraph the joke do much.

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